Today, we would like to share our thoughts regarding the quality of quest rooms as these are Aside from beautiful, fascinating interior decorations and electrical or mechanical ideas, there are certain minor aspects that can either show the charm or the cheesiness of the room. Having had a conversation with many room hosts, we have come to the conclusion that there is a set of unspoken rules.

• No trial and error method. It must not be like that. The order of codes or digits must be logical and consistent. If you are supposed to solve anything using the trial and error method, be sure that this is a piece of shoddy work from the hosts.
• One item must only be used once within a game. If you used a code twice, opened two locks with one key or used one item several times, know that it's sloppy work.
• Lock quality. Often we stumbled upon offgrade locks where one just can't line up the digits. It's very aggravating and ruins the impression of a room.
• Hint promptness. An administrator (operator) must be able to formulate the hint you need and make it guide you in the right direction quickly. From our experience, we can tell that in some instances it took several minutes for the administrator himself to guess how to help us. Such approach on part of the hosts is unprofessional.
We always have something to compare with, so we know that in games like that, every slightest detail matters.