Over the last time, we've been receiving a lot of questions regarding whether we're paid by quest rooms for writing about these and whether we get any bonuses, and why do we need it at all. So, the answer is no, we're not remunerated, we don't get any privileges, no discounts; we explore rooms just because we like it and get high on it. It's just that, deep in our minds, we would really like to sort high-quality quest rooms from those cheap hurry-skurry ones, made to get some cash in an easy way. As of today, we've been through some 25 rooms; we can't tell whether this is many or few, yet we are able to compare, assess and understand whether a specific room is worth paying for. Some of the administrators listen to our advice on how to make their rooms even better, some disagree with us as a matter of principle. We invest no money in our blog, except for that actually paid for visiting the rooms. We do not pay for any advertising articles on Facebook for additional likes, though we could, of course. We have no interest in that. However, we are sincerely glad that we are not alone on the case; we have fellow thinkers from the  EscapeTime.lv team, who have also started providing descriptions of the rooms in a similar style. This is a matter of great pleasure and inspiration for us. This means that what we do together is really interesting and useful for people.
We strive to develop further and, at this stage, we start making short video reports and introduce you to the quests offered in foreign countries as well. We have a lot of plans and do not intend to stop.