Quest revisor awards 2016

We are extremely glad to announce the official winners of our annual Quest Revisor Awards in the following nominations:

The Most Authentic Quest
Best Historical Quest
Best Horror Quest
Best Interior
Best Robbery Quest
Breakthrough of the Year
Quest Revisor 2016 Favourite

Let's proceed in an orderly fashion then. The first thing we would li...







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What you need to know

Today, we would like to share our thoughts regarding the quality of quest rooms as these are Aside from beautiful, fascinating interior decorations and electrical or mechanical ideas, there are certain minor aspects that can either show the charm or the cheesiness of the room. Having had a conversation with many room hosts, we have come to the conclusion that there is a set of unspoken rules.

Best time in "Thieves

In March, our team has set the record in the "Thieves" room from (21 minute), and the hosts promised to reward the team with the best time by the end of the month. This weekend, i.e. on the 11th date, they are launching a new quest about the mysterious inhabitants of Riga. We have been invited to attend the award ceremony and assess the new room; we will gladly visit it...

New quest room in

Why we are doing this

Over the last time, we've been receiving a lot of questions regarding whether we're paid by quest rooms for writing about these and whether we get any bonuses, and why do we need it at all. So, the answer is no, we're not remunerated, we don't get any privileges, no discounts; we explore rooms just because we like it and get high on it. It's just that, deep in our minds, we...

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