Your team (mostly 2-4 people, up to 8 on certain occasions) becomes a part of the quest you are doing. Each room has its own legend and objective. The general and primary objective is to leave the room within 60 minutes. Sometimes the authors add some more side objectives: find the murderer, an important document or a USB drive and bring it along, else the quest won't be deemed completed. You find yourself within a movie scenario, in the thick of historical events or just become an imaginary character; at any rate, you are a part of an unforgettable adventure lasting for an hour. When the game begins, your job is to search, investigate, identify common points, trace logical connections and use your wits; it all depends on yourself, your attention, aptitude and agility. All rooms are under video surveillance; there is always a way to contact the host (radio or loudspeaker communication). This is a very uncommon and positive pastime for you to enjoy together with your friends; the one you will surely remember or, maybe, keep enjoying as your new hobby.


The hosts decide on the number of hints they are going to provide; usually, it's between 1 and 3, but there are exceptions as well. Hints are implemented in a way makes you lose time if you use those too often and thus become unable to get out of the room within 60 minutes (hints are available for each step, but there are considerable intervals in between). Some rooms also offer different difficulty levels, which ensures greater customer appeal, as player level may be quite different. One should not hesitate to go for the first time; the hosts will usually make sure you enjoy the game to the maximum extent possible.


Each room has its own difficulty level; so far we have only been able to find a small number of rooms offering the same quest at different difficulty levels, selectable by the players. We also mark the rooms appropriate for children with a special mark. Most rooms have a certain age rating; however, there is also a company that offer quests for children.


There is a certain market price level that most of the rooms adhere to: it's 35 Euros per team on weekdays before 5 or 6 PM, increasing to some 50 Euros per team in the weekday evenings and at weekends. Coupons with discounts for such events are often offered by the respective websites. Apart from that, the quest rooms themselves offer lots of promo campaigns and competitions with free tickets as the prize. There are rooms for 60 Euros as well, but these are quite few.


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