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15-12-15 21:46

1 million case

Address:Astrida Birna 9-2

The legend says that you are agents charged with the investigation of a raid on the Bank of Zurich and search for the thieves, who got away with one million. Nothing extraordinary, a typical detective game.

Teams are put into completely similar rooms. The only difference is the design of furniture, yet this does not change anything essentially. Just a regular office with a broad table, a chair and a pair of drawer chests, everything is functional, even the sofa is there for you to take a seat and think for a moment, or just to put your belongings. A map of Riga is on the wall!! (some logic...), there is also a mirrored window.  The décor is rather boring, so it does not distract you with pretty sights, spurring you into riddle solving instead. Can't say there is something out of the theme here; no, everything is themed after the plot, well, as pertains to design at least, we will discuss the functionality later, but it seems boring, and there is nothing to catch your eye! Such a dull grandfather's office, where he sits in a big chair, at a typewriter, and spends long evenings doing investigations.

It really seems to me that this room was developed by the same people who produce tasks for school competitions in maths. You were bad at maths and seldom had a chance to attend this class? Well, here's your chance then, and you will either flaunt your knowledge or sit around for a long time, trying to understand what do they want from you. A couple of engineering features here, that's right, but these aren't riddles, these are rather introduced for entourage. All the rest is based on all-time favourite locks with combinations of letters or digits and tasks like "Pete lived next to the girl who liked milk". In general, this is a crossword room, where you gather everything there is, sit down and solve. We couldn't quite comprehend some of the riddles, what would it have in common with Zurich and Riga... but they told us they thought it was interesting and were directing us psychologically to the required action throughout the entire game, in a manner. (We cannot disclose it, unfortunately, but you will see what we mean if you choose to play this one).

Is it interesting? In some respects; considering that you have a team of rivals next door, the interest is sparked by adrenaline and fervour - leave the room faster than the opponents will! As a quest room - it's not. Just your average lock-based detective story, a little bit outdated for our quest room market. The price is also a surprise - 60 Euros, is it really worth it? What is there so special to make the room stand out against all the other rooms? Nothing.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 6.25