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60min.lv "Secret Gallery"

Address:Brīvības gatve 204, Rīga, LV-1039

So many escape rooms, such broad variety - and such oft-recurring storylines. Enjoying new quests is getting harder and harder, so it is very pleasant to find a small detail that gives zest to the entire game. Today, we are going to introduce you to 60min.lv and their escape room "Secret Gallery".

According to the legend, you are a team of investigators rummaging in a thief's den for evidence. As soon as you get in, the door slams shut behind you. You have 60 minutes to find what you need and slip out unnoticed. As the hosts say, 'The mistake is that you think you have time...'

Behind the door, there was a rather spacious office, not essentially different from those many offices we've seen before. A writing desk, a chair, cabinets near the walls. Figurines and miscellaneous antique items atop one of those, an old TV set on the other one, a map of Latvia and a board with cards on the wall. Items are numerous, which is somewhat distracting, as it takes a lot of time to study each and every one of these in order to determine the ones crucial for the game. Behind the office door, there is another room, well illuminated and spacious enough even for a team of 6 players, though the number of tasks would make it somewhat boring in this case. We did like the second room for its lighting; it is pleasant to play this way, without the need to point a flashlight at anything. Interior is rich here as well: paintings, vases, figurines, scales, an old safe – to cut it short, there are many items, and these are meant to get you confused. It was somewhat reminiscent of the Professor's Room by one of Riga's quest groundbreakers; it is also spacious, light, fitted with lots of items and rather interesting.

As to the riddles offered by the "Secret Gallery", there are no intrinsic bits of engineering here, yet a certain thing is certainly worth to remember; we've only seen it in Lithuania by now. Using a certain item in order to find a clue is going to take some imagination as well. In general, the tasks are liner, logical and mostly based on finding and using numbers. Code locks are present and fitting, a number of safes and magnetic locks. We completed this one rather fast and had no questions whatsoever. Hints can be requested once in every 15 minutes using a chat application on a mobile phone. For the first time in a long period, we did not use it, so we cannot tell how useful these could be.

The room slightly reminded us of the escape room in Liepāja we liked; it was about a painting that had to be found and featured a very original way to leave the room as well. This is, by the way, the zest we were talking about. It's not that the room was boring: it is linear, simple and fits neatly into the group or rooms that may be played for warm-up and experience. Why not. Apart from that, the hosts intend to build a similar room nearby for team competitions, which is, in our opinion, a very good idea, as we have this opportunity in just one place at the moment.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10

Engineering solutions 7/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 7.00