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Amnesia.lv "Wraith"

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Nothing could ever be as scary as our own imagination. Most of us have seen so many horror movies that our own mind gives us a fright sometimes, even though the situation is absolutely harmless. But yet again, isn't it great to feel goosebumps down your spine, feel adrenaline buzzing and bit of a fright? It is tempting to add something extraordinary into your daily life, look for new sensations, adventure and positive emotion wherever possible. We are going to introduce you to the horrors of the "Wraith", a quest room developed by


What could be more creepy that a lonely derelict house standing on top of a hill for many years already? Eerie legends have long been told in the town about this house — empty, abandoned, with its windows nailed up, this grim estate was towering over the outskirts of the town. No one ever dared approach it. Nobody could be courageous enough to set foot over the threshold...

You've been avoiding this house for years as well, but today you got caught up in a sudden violent storm; the weather's horrible, you wouldn't want to end up all wet, so this forsaken old house seems to be the only option. Won't feel that scary compared to weather like this. So, you decided to get back there and wait for the storm to end. The door budged surprisingly easy and... you're in for 60 minutes of your childhood fears come alive, just like your mind used to portray. You have no idea what awaits for you, but you are ready to step through the door.

At first, we thought it reminded us of one of our less pleasant experiences, yet, having studied the wall of that house, which was decorated with much skill and talent, we changed our mind. What we have in front of us is a wooden wall with two small windows covered with white wooden external blinds. The entrance door is in the middle, with a canopy and a cosy light above, with a small spider web in between. The wall is covered with vegetation. The house seems like a fairy tale; it feels like your granny is behind this door, ready to greet you with a warm cup of tea... but not in this plot. As soon as the door opened, we went like "Wow, it's great in here!"

There was a wonderful view in front of us: a small room with a piano, a small table with a black cat figurine, and a wall with book shelves, two leather chairs near the fireplace loaded with wood. Smoke appears from the fireplace from time to time. Wooden floor is covered with a red carpet, two wall-mounted mirrors facing each other increase the space visually, a flash of lightning can sometimes be seen from behind the thick velvet drapes that cover the windows. The house is forsaken, so do not be surprised with lots of spider web; it looks so beautiful that we felt reluctant to tear it, yet in this room you can climb anywhere, unless there is a "do not touch" sign. This wouldn't be a ghost house if there would be nothing dark and grim here. Over time, you get to know the dark side of the house, where you meet a girl in a TV, a child's bed with dolls, thunder crashes from behind the windows, torture devices and skulls. From a cosy house, you travel into a gruesome world of evil spirits. The musical score will maintain the suspense; it's not music as usual, it is far more interesting here. And the greatest surprise was when we got out through... But we're going to leave this one up to you.

Rooms like the "Wraith" are discerned for the ability to refrain from using anything unnecessary, anything that would be at variance with the theme. There are locks here, all right, but these lock a couple of cupboards, which you can expect in a forsaken house. The riddles are technological here. These take different approaches to complete, yet are invariably interesting. Unfortunately, very few rooms can pretend to be truly original. Yet this one can - they withdrew from using conventional safes and code locks, no maths here whatsoever; one has to admit it's a great approach. Once again, it seemed to short for us: just when the started to enjoy it the most, it was already over. However, the hosts told us that they are discussing the issue already, and the escape room will soon be developed into a more complex and complicated one. We are sure that this room will be a fine example for everyone else and the leading "newcomer" on the quest market, which is quite so already due to their unconventional approach and high implementation quality.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10
Technology 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 7.25