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Breakroom "KGB"

Address:Vilniaus Taksi Parkas, Pelesos str 1, Vilnius. (Ex Taxi park), entrance via parking-lot (second floor).

A foreign city, incomprehensible street names, a shortage of time, standing order - to find a quest! The first day was more about running from one room to another/ Our familiarization with Lithuanian quests turned out to be quite an extreme one. The KGB, we thought, that's one time-worn theme - what's to be amazed about? However, comparing that to our experience in Riga, we do realize now that the amazement is possible; at least, the guys from Breakroom did it.
Everything is as usual: you are prisoners. Your objective is to find the convict who used to design this prison some time ago and then became its prisoner himself! He left many hints and traces. All it takes for you to escape is to find this convict.
A dark room, light coming from a dim lamp hanging from the ceiling. Green walls, a door leading to the next room, a mirrored observation window nearby. Everything is quite reminiscent of a real KGB building. If anyone ever took a trip to our "House at the Corner" on Stabu street, they can sure imagine themselves locked inside! You enter the room, sit down at a square table, handcuffed thereto, and your actions are restricted like never before. A short briefing from an employee. The answer to our question regarding hints was rather ominous - We don't count helps, we count lives!...OK! Then he slams the door shut and leaves the room. Sensations are extreme, no one can do anything, just one chance to get out of this situation. We were sure that we were going to waste some 20 minutes here. Wrong... The second room - an office! Nothing uncommon: here's the usual table. A chair, newspapers, a pile of items and... two more doors! As you advance, the interior becomes gloomy: it's dark, wet, drops of water from the ceiling, chains, broken tiles... a torture room? In general, one couldn't say that the room is expensive, but everything is authentic and quite reminds of real KGB premises, hence the rather high score wee have decided to give those guys.
Quests so themed neither require nor benefit from any engineering. These have a peculiar style: lots of tasks, locks and thoughts. There are no drawer safes, magnetic locks or computerized tasks here. Your job is to look for matches, think logical and be utterly concentrated. The scary and gloomy sensations instilled by the rooms you find yourself in are just enough.
The only obstacle you could face is the language barrier. However, hints and instructions are provided in English. We would recommend this quest to people aged 16 and above and ready for something extreme.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10

Technology 6/10

Originality of the tasks 5/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 6