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City Legends "Legend of a Wizard"

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Address:Rīga Bruņinieku iela 111/2- 26

Another quest in our city from citylegends.lv. A magical world with warlocks, monsters, ghosts and sorcery - feel interested? Then this is the one for you

Legend of a Wizard

Your team is about to face a perilous adventure. You get into the lair of a wizard who has captured a ghost and dedicated many years of life to this spirit. The old wizard was very worried that the ghost could break loose, so he sealed the door to his hideout with a spell. You, however, have broken it and opened the door; now you only have one hour to get everything back as it used to be and lock the ghost up forever!
The door closes, you have a magic wand with a flashlight on its tip in your hands. It's dark around, unlit candles, magic spells, spider web on the ceiling, ritual wood, mirrors and... Somewhere behind these doors is where she lives, the ghost girl. You don't know where she is and can't even hear her, yet she is bound to show soon enough. By now, take a look around and imagine you are wizards yourselves. The darkness is definitely somewhat charming, yet candles are sure longing to be lit, so that one could delve deeper into the room's atmosphere. You will have to study a lot of items; take an armchair or put all the vital papers on the table - there is enough space for everything. The clock's ticking and you are waiting...
A quest without a single lock or key - amazingly uncommon! All you need is to solve several tasks to get 4 exit words. Could seem simple, but not for everyone. Those with a knack for riddles will sure feel comfortable here; you just have to assemble a logical chain and the answer will be easy. Those who like dynamics and technical riddles will have a harder time here, yet you are going to make it as well. The most interesting and frightening aspect of this room, or, as we say, an engineering solution, is the ghost hints, as well as the exit code and the mechanism thereof. Keep in mind that you should use everything you see, else you risk losing time and failing to find the answer.
Children aged below 16 and those who get scared easily are not quite advised to visit this room, but for those who like both the adventure and the fright may look no further! It's not exactly that scary in there, but a nervous laugh and an occasional scream is guaranteed in 70% of the cases! On the other hand, it will definitely be something to remember!

Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 7