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City Legends "Thieves"

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Address:Rīga Bruņinieku iela 111/2- 26

As we already noticed before, quest entertainment facilities spring up like mushrooms in Riga; more and more people wish to share their view of a quest room with the others. The only thing that can spoil a room is the lack of investment, which means no originality, experience or technical solutions. Without these, a room looks unimpressive as compared to other rooms and becomes dull and less competitive.
Today, we are going to describe our experience with Citylegends.lv
The plot is about thieves who broke into a flat andnow have an hour before the dweller gets back. As any thief is supposed to, we act in the dark, holding a flashlight in our hands or, for the sake of quick and convenient search - with our teeth...
The room welcomed us with some 12 square meters of space, a table, a shelf near the wall and a built-in closet. The interior was nothing to write home about and the tasks were really primitive. The hardest point is really hard to point out; it's, well, um... Nothing. We dealt with all the tasks within 12 minutes; for 9 more, we were just searching for something else to do - we could not believe that this was it. Even the hints were found after the respective tasks were completed already. It turned out to be that we were merely wasting our time; all we had to do now was to open the door. Maybe it's just because of our considerable experience, but the room is indeed too easy and unpretentious. Besides, it does lack originality.
No solution was of any interest from the technical point of view, everything's simple: there's a lock, so go find the key. If it's a safe - find the code. Complete darkness without any chance to find some light as one goes just slows down the progress. Maybe that's what was supposed to make it harder?
We could suggest this quest room for children and those who are willing to take the first step, yet aren't sure of their abilities. Do not expect a strong impression, but you will be able to delve into the atmosphere of the room with a touch of surprise, anyway.
The hosts are advised to seek intriguing engineering solutions, induce more dynamic thinking in the players, hide things where no one expects and come up with less clichйd plot versions. As we can see, you have two more rooms coming up; the descriptions do promise something interesting. We're looking forward to those and wish you the best of success in your development. And the "Thieves" room is the one where you could invite kids; they will definitely like it!


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 4/10

Technology 4/10

Originality of the tasks 4/10

Task complexity 4/10

Mean score: 4.0