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Crazy Mind

Address:Labdari┼│ g. 3-11, Vilnius

As the legend says, there once was a certain travelling geographer who dedicated his entire life to gathering information about the places he's been to and building his own room of riddles. At a certain moment, he disappeared, and now he watches guests visiting his room - and talks to the ones unable to leave it on time. 

At a certain moment, we found ourselves in a tiny room with a single window. Items were scarce, nothing unusual, and it even got us a little disappointed. Lots of handwritten digits and shapes on the ceiling, not always legible, a small coffee table and a closet. As always, we hoped that the latter concealed the entrance to another room, but no, it wasn't there. This issue, however, remained at hand, and the room was eventually able to surprise us. Walls were decorated with photographic pictures of different famous locations of our planet and collages from National Geographic books. The room was reminiscent of a school staffroom, where the geography teacher used to sip coffee and study the world's map on the wall. Eyes were getting tired from time to time, as there was not enough light.

Before entering the room, we were instructed that every! item in the room is in the game and has its own purpose. This makes the job easier in general, because whenever you are stuck and have no idea what to do, you just take any item you didn't use yet and try to figure out the use thereof. Seems simple, but the chain is hard to figure out sometimes, because the sequence of tasks is somewhat obscure. Just about as soon as you start, you find a key, which will only be required at a much later stage, this can be quite confusing. Understanding the associations is not a problem, yet it's hard to figure out the way it works, because you do not yet have the information to see the entire picture - and you will only get it at the final stage. In general, the tasks are rather logical and simple, yet the is no distinct linearity due to premature availability of information that is not yet necessary. As to engineering, it's practically absent; tasks that require wits in order to open a box, a bag, a lock.

We could say we did like the general idea; solving riddles and approaching the answers to questions like "What's it for?" gradually did turn out to be enjoyable. This room could use interior decorations of better quality and a little more cosiness; it will definitely get a higher grade as soon as it undergoes some refurbishment. Currently, we rate it as satisfactory, and the only aspects that discern it are the entrance and the secret stash. For Lithuania, however, it's not a bad choice for a team of beginners to get introduced to the quest world.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 4/10
Technology 4/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 6/10
Mean score: 5.00