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Address:Kurzeme District, Rīga, LV-1029

The second floor of the house greeted us with homelike atmosphere and a smile from the lovely administrator girl. A short briefing and the question that becomes increasingly popular nowadays
- "Ever played before?"

- "Ah, well, we did, sort of..." Then we walk into the room. The door closes and the game begins.

The legend says you got into a restaurant where the chef has lost his recipe of a delicious pie. You have to restore it. Within the usual time limit of 60 minutes.

A narrow white corridor - the restaurant's refrigerator. A snow-white refrigerator with various ingredients, and it's cold in there indeed. Shelves with cereal jars, vegetable baskets and eggs, and a locked door ahead. After the white room, you get into a cosy restaurant with a large set table. There is a wine shelf, you can see the garden through a small window; covers are laid for four, a a bunch of flowers in the middle of the table, "warm" lamps create a romantic atmosphere. Speakers emit slight noise characteristic for every restaurant: conversation at the tables, dishes, footsteps... We already pick a table to sit down at and place our order, but then we do remember that this is actually an escape room, and we have to play.

Though the room is not that extravagant, it does has some small engineering features. Riddles are few, but we did like the way developers were thinking. You will have to do some searching, deal with locks, use your wits; magnets are also in place. Experienced players will have no difficulties; even more experienced ones will be racking their brain trying to guess what else is there. But in fact, everything is very simple, and there is no need to make things any harder for yourself (the only thing is, you may get stuck if you don't know the elementary food product designations). If the directions say you have to do that in a certain way, then it's just what it says, literally. As to us, we did everything quickly, as usual, and started wondering about the things we could have missed, with the key already being on our hands...

We did like the idea, yet it has to be developed into a more complicated quests, with more riddles added, because the game ends just about as soon as you warm up - it's a pity, it was interesting. The legend also mentions restoring the recipe, whereas, in fact, it's a little different. In general, develop your idea, and you will have a decent quest at a nice level. Oh, and make sure you add some means of communication with the administrator. :)


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 5/10
Mean score: 6.25