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15-12-15 21:50

Escape Latvia "Serial Killer's Room"

Address:Brīvības iela 33 (ieeja no Dzirnavu ielas)

You woke up in a serial killer's apartment. None of you remembers how you got there. You have 60 minutes to escape by solving riddles, and the tape left by the killer will help.

If we would really get into this room suddenly, we would think this is an updated version of one of the rooms we visited recently. Bloody walls, severed extremities, a sink and a large metal door, blocked with a chain and a lock. Horror music is playing in the background, the light is... dim, of course, as rooms of this kind are supposed to have. Faint red light accompanies you for the entire 60 minutes, assisted after a short space by an ultraviolet torch, and another one coming at a later stage. Bodies hanging from chains are supposed to create an atmosphere of fear, as one might suggest, but bare walls and the absence of any entourage whatsoever actually makes the room's atmosphere dull, which is accompanied by brain boiling...

There's no engineering here, nothing at all. All we have here is locks, locks, locks, endless combinations. This room is therefore added without hesitation to the crossword room list. You get some digits and solve a puzzle to find out how to use these. Or you solve a puzzle to get digits, which then have to be transformed so that these would fit the lock. Everything is accompanied with texts. The texts are only written in Latvian and English. There - and they won't have it any other way! So, if your command of these languages is not enough to grasp the logics of a task, you won't be able to beat this room. At least you will have to spend some time to translate and analyse the text.

We stumbled upon two errors in this room. One of these prevented us from finding the exit. The sterner part of our team busted their brains trying to solve a mathematical task, which turned out to be mistranslated, eventually. The hosts promised they would fix this glitch; however, even if everything was correct, the quest is not suited to fit the general audience. Some people just aren't good with tasks like that and would lose any interested in playing as soon as they see one such task. After all, it should be about having fun, not going back to the maths class to present your homework at the blackboard. So that's how it is. We aren't satisfied this time.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10
Technology 4/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 6/10
Mean score: 5.50