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13-05-15 23:54

ESCAPE ROOM "Abandoned Apartment"

Address:Rīga, Dzirnavu iela 20-16

The second room that our team has been through. This was a challenge. The goal was to get out of the room using any means available. We knew we were going to a popular quest room; it does enjoy intensive booking and favorable references. The spirit was high; we were given a radio and the good-to-go, with the only instruction being to keep our eyes open.

The plot is simple enough: your team finds itself in an apartment that has been abandoned for a long time already. The exit is seven locks away. Having rushed into the room, you start examining all interesting items, yet you are more scrupulous about anything with its peculiar position or a number, as this might be the answer to one of the riddles. The rooms look very fine and cozy; one could never tell that this is what an abandoned apartment looks like. This makes the game more comfortable and somewhat relaxed. The atmosphere is inviting. All kinds of items one would suppose to be important along with a number of other items that seem to be of no use result in a fascinating technical riddle providing the desired result. Every time you find a new item or an answer to yet another question, emotions are surging, giving you the confidence to proceed.  This room was the first one to offer us engineering riddles, which made it even more exciting. This quest has something to offer to players of different mindset, even a child will definitely find something to do here. Sometimes a person with a professional opinion misses out the aspects that are obvious to a person with no experience in the respective realm whatsoever. Just remember one thing - do not make anything more complicated; everything is plain simple and based on attention and aptitude; follow the directions and you will get it right. 

Parents may feel free to take their kids to the "abandoned apartment"; adolescents aged about 16 or so can also try their hand in this quest. Simply paying attention should be just enough. 

There were no bounds to our joy when we left the room and understood that we have won; this was our first and sweetest victory, which made us book a trip to the second room offered by escaperoom - the “Secret Prison” 


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10

Technology 7/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 7.0


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