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Escape Room "Gun Tycoon"

Address:Latvija, Rīga, Vīlandes iela 5-39

When visiting a quest room, we usually keep in mind that all items have to be treated with care, no effort should be applied, no moving, no spinning, in short – try not to break anything! But you did always want to let your hands loose, to touch everything that the room has to offer, didn't you? Now, there is a room in our city that lets you get into every nook, tap every item and twist any screw-nut - if you are able to, of course. Meet the Gun Tycoon, brought to you by Escape room

Gun Tycoon

  According to the script, you have an arms deal with terrorists scheduled inside the cargo terminal of a small airport somewhere in South America. Something went wrong; the government found out about the arms deal and the Army is now moving in, with an airstrike on the aerodrome inbound. One of the buyers is killed while trying to escape, and your team gets accidentally locked up in this terminal. Your objective is to get out of there within an hour, before the military can deliver their strike.

  Clad in camouflage, you enter the room and delve instantly into the atmosphere of that terminal. A flight schedule board, a huge crate on a pallet in the middle, the corpse of one of the buyers is lying behind a grate ahead. The adjacent room is equipped with everything required for a terminal; it has a luggage carousel and a scanner. The door with a sign saying Gate 9 seems like there is an airstrip just behind it. It all comes with different weapons and details you find as you progress. The theme is developed and implemented in accordance with the style, which is very important.

  Does this room have any magnet locks, safes or the ubiquitous doors? No! It's more like paradise for those who seek and find. It's hard to imagine how much you have to find before you get out. There is just a single task waiting for you, and even experienced players will have a hard time understanding that this is it – the key to the exit. The work you have to do in order to reveal it seems boundless. What you have to do is search. When you find it – remember or use it. This escape room has just one lock and one key; you're not going to see anything else that might seem standard here. Just pay utmost attention – this is, probably, the most important thing. What seemed strange to us at first was that one and the same item/location could be used several times. But that's just our stereotypes, the ones we're used to.

  As it could also be observed by our colleagues from escapetime.lv, our experience does not actually help in this game; this is rather an obstacle, something that keeps one from enjoying the simplicity of the tasks. Our way of thinking is so rigidly programmed to think in a linear and complicated way that it makes us look for difficult ways in situation where everything is actually obvious. If you have never been to a quest room before, this one will be your paradise, the place where you can be free and enjoy the game as much as you can. A team that includes children might actually have more success, as kids tend to think in a simpler way and love touching, spinning and tampering with whatever there is. Those who visit quest rooms regularly, on the other hand, are welcome to come here and try to reshape their way of thinking in an easier manner. Would you be up to the task?


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 8/10
Mean score: 7.25