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Escape Room Karosta

Address:Karostas cietums Invalīdu iela 4, Liepāja, LV-3414

All those jail scenarios, when you are the prisoners; decorations, themed premises - may seem interesting from time to time, but imagine your self in a real prison! Initially, Karosta was built in Liepaja as a hospital. It was only converted into a prison in 1905. Legends say it has its own ghosts, and one can hear footsteps, screams and other eerie noises Now, it also has a quest room.

Cell No. 33

It is hard to tell where you are and why you are here. This may be the end of the 1940s, or mid-eighties. There are screens near the walls; some say that these can be used to observe you, as a means of supervision. You only have one instruction - you have to find out how to get out of here stealthily, within 60 minutes.

At the very entrance, we felt some strange smells - and why not, we stepped inside a real prison, and, in just a couple of minutes we will be in cell 33. Walking down a long corridor, we were approaching that cold dark room which was going to be our place of detention for 60 minutes. A heavy door slammed shut behind us, and the game began. With just a flashlight in your hands, you can't even see the person standing near you in the dark. Soon we found out how to turn off the light and started looking around. Cold walls, a large poster, a wooden bunk and one closet. It was clear that this couldn't be it, but where were we supposed to go next? Here, you have a chance to feel what it's like to be a prisoner, who was searching for a way to escape for months, and break free through the most dangerous room - the warden's office. It struck us that merely walking through a closet does not feel exciting any more, we rather feel like climbing somewhere, it's more memorable.

Technically, the room is not very sophisticated. You will stumble upon a hidden safe, a key mechanism you are going to require to unlock a stash. An original way to turn on the light, an old radio with its own purpose. Not that it was boring, it's just that we did want more. Due to our passion about dynamics, we often feel like more tasks are required. You are going to have to do calculations here, so basic maths skills will be required in addition to wits and resourcefulness. Thus, having obtained the key to exit, you are still going to think that this can't be it yet. At first, you will probably not recognize it as a key at all. More original tasks and more authenticity: that's what would make the quest more authentic in general. The most memorable feature of the room at the moment is the atmosphere of the building.

If your are going to Liepaja, this is the second place you have to visit, to diversify your experience and have a small excursion as well. To get wants and needs met, you may also try other entertainment facilities offered by Karostas cietums. The difficulty level is not that high, and there is enough space for a team of 6 players. The only problem is that the number of tasks may seem to little for a large company. It is all right to go in here in teams of two as well; will take more time, but it will be a full-fledged quest.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 6/10
Mean score: 6.50