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Escape room "Old Captain's Quarters"


The feeling you get when you see a common 21st century ship “Tallink M/S Isabelle” at berth in the Freeport of Riga and know that you have a real chance to go back into the past. A walk down the corridors, without a single hint as to what awaits, takes you to an ancient ship of the past. Imagine that? Like the idea? Then head down to the "Old Captain's Quarters", brought to you by escaperoom.lv. According to an old legend, the captain's cabin of this ship keeps its secrets secure, and only a few are able to solve those.

As soon as you look around for the first time, you just can't escape one thought – quality. We visited a number of sea-themed rooms, but this one, it is above all praise. A common white cabin was turned into a true historical site. Unlike it usually was, the walls are panelled with real wooden planks instead of faux wood wallpaper. Elegant wine red carpet flooring, reef knots in the wall and tiny round windows, looking very natural and fitting neatly into the interior. Every detail looks tastefully picked, and just about every thing has its purpose. Dainty interior decorations obscure any trace of whatever used to be in this room before.

The brand name escaperoom.lv makes it clear that there will be engineering solutions, that these will be of great quality and that the quest itself is going to be based on machinery, magnets and secret stashes. The tasks are logical and step-based; most of all, one has to keep paying attention, though it may seem tempting to distract yourself with the small details every now and then, thus making it all harder. The captain's quarters have a job to do for each team member, yet these jobs are so interesting that one would be willing to take part in each one. Despite the presence of mechanisms in the room, these seem to be in their place and do not affect the general impression at all.

You can visit this quest while taking a ferry cruise or when the ship is at anchor in the Freeport of Riga. Although the room is rather small, its dimensions allow playing in teams of 4 or 5. Kids will also be interested as they are mostly keen on pirates and various pirate paraphernalia, and this room is something that will definitely make a nice adventure.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 9/10
Engineering solutions 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 7.50