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Escape room ONE "Pirates of the Caribbean"

Address:Martas iela 9

“— Are we going to steal a ship? That ship?

— Requisition. We are going to requisition that ship. That's a naval term. “ Jack Sparrow

Are you ready to become the fearless captain of a legendary ship? Assume the role of pirates chasing after a legend? Our city now has a new escape room, the "Pirates of the Caribbean". At the moment, this is just the second room themed so, and definitely an interesting one. Lostquest has opened its second quest room, and, if you are keen on seas, ships and the story of Davy Jones, you will definitely like it.

Do you think it's possible to serve a hundred years aboard the vessel of Davy Jones? That's some lengthy tenure, but it's the fate of everyone who got the Black Spot. There is a legend among the sailors that the ship hides a very special treasure - the Chest of Davy Jones. What could be kept inside? This is in no way a simple chest; this is an artefact that stores the heart of the vessel, and whoever claims it shall become the captain of the immortal ship and rule the seas.

You find yourself locked up in a small room. Needless to say, a metal grate blocks the exit on the other side. A skeleton is chained to a chair - it must have been a sailor who misbehaved, or maybe a member of a team who failed to make it out of the room?)) You can see a tavern behind the grate, but there is not a soul inside. In the evenings, rum must be floating freely here, with glasses clanging and pirates shouting. A large wooden bar counter, shelves with bottles of spirits, wooden tables and mugs. One of the walls is decorated with a large portrait of Davy Jones, in all its glory - frightening, or as some people may perceive, admirable. Several weapons decorate other walls to complete the interior design. Wood and metal are widely used; everything is authentic and thought out to the last detail. Room designers often get tired in process or neglect the small details; this room, however, is a totally different story. Flaws of the initial room have been disguised perfectly, and even a brick wall, which would look great as it was, is decorated with mural paintings and several items, which has literally enchanted our team. The background music fits the room theme and lets players get into the character, delve deeper into the atmosphere of the time and enjoy the game. In short, the only detail that might seem missing is Captain Jack Sparrow sleeping somewhere under a table with a bottle of rum. Authenticity, quality and unobtrusiveness - these are the main distinctive features of the room.

Historically themed rooms resent technology, but usually have a place for mechanics. This is just what you are going to face during this quest. Even though some technologies are in place, these are implemented through the guise of ancient mechanisms. Keys and locks, items that animate the room and make the furniture move. Caches, attention and a route map. The tasks are diverse, yet quite feasible, even for beginners. Solved mysteries of the room are absolutely delightful - at first, one could predict a certain course of events, but, as the story unravels, everything turns out to be totally different. Searching for items and reading the history could seem tiresome for certain players, but this gives teams an opportunity to split up instead of crowding a single place at any given moment.

If you are not too keen on the pirate theme, it might seem a little boring for you, but, in this case, just try to perceive it as a new adventure. Everyone else is bound to like the room. We definitely recommend visiting this one! Both rooms by Escape room ONE are flamboyant, authentic and atypical, which is definitely a great advantage. Children will be delighted by the decorations, whereas parents will find it exciting to solve riddles and advance further. The final stage, in turn, is completely unusual - aren't you already tired of leaving through the same door you used to enter the room? Well, not in these escape rooms.

Our rating:
Room atmosphere 9/10
Technology 8/10
Originality 8/10
Task complexity 7/10
Overall score: 8