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Escape Room "Saw"

Address:Rīga, Noliktavas iela 5

"Hi, I want to play a game! Trust me, the rules are simple, yet breaking those is rife with consequences for your very life. Either you live or you die - the choice is yours!" That's what John Kramer, the central character of the "Saw" horror franchise used to say.

Ever thought that the plot of this movie is actually a real-life quest? The victims had to find a key to the exit, a key to their lives. John Kramer used to arrange situations that would determine how highly they valued their life. And now, believe it or not, there is a new escape room in Latvia, perfectly identical in terms of entourage with the first "Saw" movie. That's right, a perfect match. Definitely delightful.

You are chained to a pipe in a dark room, and poisonous gas is going to claim your life in exactly 60 minutes, unless you will be able to find the exit. Are you ready to face riddles you never met in your daily life? I would like to offer you to play a game. The key to salvation is in your hands!

Step by step, holding to each other, with dark bags on our heads, we were walking on, listening to the thoughts swarming in our heads. Creepy? Imagination runs loose, nerves excited. Chill all over the body, ambient sounds; then, in a couple of metres, you feel a chain being fastened on your leg. 30, 29, 28, 27…3, 2, 1… the game begins. Dull blinking lights, broken tiles, toilet pods, sinks, "be on the look, guys..." - the atmosphere is similar to that of the movie in painstaking detail. The background music boosts the atmosphere even further, taking you into the shoes of a John Kramer's victim. It feels like we got into the film lot where the movie was filmed; every slightest detail looks elaborate. A heart on the toilet cistern, white tiled walls looking like these were here for many years already, artificial dirt, rusty pipes and traces on the floor. Even the partition wall is broken in the same manner.

It occurred to us at first that a room like that could hardly offer any diversity and technology; the interior implied that everything was going to be humble and easy, yet the humble part turned out to be a mistake. Escaperoom wouldn't be the team we know if there would not be a surprising turn of events. In an instant, the game changes, taking you into a quest world with no time to look around, where you have to rack your brains and keep thinking. We wouldn't describe the room as a difficult one; it is definitely interesting and mostly affects one's emotional side. Undoubtedly, the riddles are discerned by high quality and technology levels. The authors tried to use the plot of the movie to the maximum, creating situations that would require courage and determination rather than the skill to calculate sophisticated formulas. Even certain fragments of the movie are used to solve the quest. Technical solutions were also present, provided in a manner that did not stand out of the quest theme.

This escape room has restrictions for visitors. It can be visited by people aged 18+; those who feel like they would be frightened by the world of darkness and horror should refrain from visiting this room – or just keep in mind that this is merely a game, and everything's artificial. Do not be afraid to put yourself to test and visit this one; it is definitely worth your attention. The outburst of emotion you are going to get is sure worth your attention – and your fears only exist in your head. Take a daring friend by the hand and go for your chance to play the John Kramer's game with Escaperoom.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 8/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 8.25