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ESCAPE ROOM "Secret Prison"

Address:Rīga, Dzirnavu iela 20-16

Escaperoom.lv: "Secret Prison"

As prisoners, you dream of a jailbreak, but this will take a fair share of riddle solving and teamwork. You are handcuffed to each other, so your main objective is to work successfully in pairs.

The adventure begins with a prisoner's outfit; you wear it and you do actually find it amazingly comfortable! But then the hosts come up with a surprising instruction - split up into pairs and give us one hand each! In an instant, you're handcuffed to your partner. Avoid making a mistake and pairing two active people thinking in different directions: they will only be a nuisance to each other. Try to pair your team so that both partners would think in the same direction or, at least, so that one of you would agree to follow the other. ( So, you come in and a panel above the door starts the countdown: 59:59, 59:58… What you see in front of you is a heavy door with a lock, something reminiscent of a bed, a mattress on a plywood frame, on the left, a sink on the right. The lighting is subdued. It's gloomy, you want to stay for a moment to get into the character, but you just have no time.  You need a key pronto - and it's somewhere around here. You go to the left, and you go to the right - OK, we've found it, let's move on. An office, safes, maps, everything's locked, a calendar, a computer, a board, it all might come in handy. Now, look, there's another door with a hot seat behind it, a skeleton fastened thereto. The scenery, the furniture, items and whatnot, all matches the style of a police precinct; maybe the only thing missing is a sitting detective wearing a uniform, the one we would have to tie up while we're trying to get out of here. The time flies past. There are lots of tasks to do, while there is also that third room ahead of you, the one with a hot seat, death and the key that gets you out. A bucket with a sponge inside, only lacking water; you remember all those death row movies, start trying to figure out how does the system work, what would you need to disable, what's to be used, eyes shifting around... And you miss out the details, failing to find the exit; just pay attention, it's all quite simple in fact.

The prison is a quest combining technologies of different times; what you're going to encounter ranges from a simple door lock to computers and amusing engineering solution. Don't forget to refresh your math skills, multiplication and division, in particular; all using the long method. Remember that TV series from the 90s, F/X: The Series? The protagonist used to build various stuff with cameras, remote controlled gizmos and whatever seemed extraordinary to us back them. So, imagine that you're back in those times and get prepared for the most uncommon locks and riddles. The office will require you to be strictly logical; as soon as you hit a dead end, take a break, get your thoughts together and there you go, it's all logical again, let's keep on searching. Same goes for the skeleton room; you think you see the answer, it's just right here, but nope – the hosts did their best to surprise you and make the quest complicated and enigmatic indeed.

It is strongly recommended to do a simpler quest before you challenge this room. But this one is an absolute Must Have on your quest list. A great experience that will definitely come in handy afterwards, while dealing with all sorts of new riddles. An age of 16 and above will do; your child may even remember long multiplication better than you do. This is bound to speed up the process! (


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 6.25