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14-05-15 22:58

ESCAPE ROOM "Underworld Casino"

Address:Rīga, Noliktavas iela 5

"A casino is a place where fate may make both a common person and a billionaire into millionaires".

The world of an underworld casino is always kept a strict secret; not everybody knows of such places, and whoever gets there can potentially leave it as a totally different person. Now you have a chance to visit a very high-level quest and get a fair set of riddles. 60 minutes are the time you have to get out of the room and take as much money with you as possible, up to 1 million dollars.

A simple house, an Escaperoom signboard, common doors; you are taken into the underworld casino, the door slams shut behind you and now the room is a safe that only you can open. Rich interior decorations, something you won't even see in certain real casinos of the city; a large poker table, chips, cards, everything's ready for the big game. A mini bar for making cocktails, a pole for those with a knack for dance, a grand piano for live music... you are head deep in the casino atmosphere and can envision yourself sitting at the table with cards in your hands, the croupier deals the flop, you see two pairs… STOP, back to reality now, we only have 55 minutes left and we got a lot of locks to unlock, aside from finding the million hidden by the hosts.

We have sure been waiting long for a high-quality engineering quest in Riga. Having been through so many rooms, mostly not that different from one another, we were longing for something new and complicated. A certain golden standard that everyone else could use to determine where to advance and the directions of development. We had no idea that such a high level will soon be achieved by the designers working with escaperoom.lv. Do not expect to see lots of simple locks with keys; what you will face here is a search for logical chains and highly complicated riddles. Every door and the path to its key will be a surprise. This is the quest where every player is going to make himself useful; do not waste time trying to solve a single task together. Aside from doors and shelves to be opened during your search fro the main code, the guys have introduced a brand new feature – side objectives marked with an $ sign, which bring you money. The faster you find the exit code and disclose all locations where the money is hidden, getting yourself a million, the cooler you will be. Do not forget though: you MUST enter the main code on time, as if you are late, you lose, no matter how much money you have found.

Another aspect to mention is that the hosts have discarded radios and taken to use the live communication method through the cameras instead, i.e. you can just ask a question and hear the answer at once through a loudspeaker, just make sure you get the hosts' attention.

The room gets place on the "Must Go" list of our city. This one will help you make your introduction to the quest world an exquisite and unforgettable one.

For those not willing to make it difficult at the first onset, we would rather recommend some less difficult rooms from these very hosts first, the "Abandoned Apartment", for instance.

Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 9/10
Mean score: 8.5

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