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EscapeLiveUk - Wilson’s Office

Address:Arch 39, Henrietta Street, Birmingham, B19 3PS

The United Kingdom Birmingham
Having conquered many quests in Latvia, we were eager to put our deduction skills to test in the home country of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. Choosing from the range limited by our resources, we have picked a small yet charming town of Birmingham.
On our first day, we chose EscapeLiveUk - Wilson’s Office. Let us say at once that the decorations in this room were up to the mark. It did really feel like in an old English detective's office. The interior decorations and the atmosphere are so appealing that you start feeling like Hercule Poirot or  Sherlock Holmes.
The administrator warned us that we are only going to have 6 (!!!) hints available. It seemed ludicrous to us at first; However, having seen some 9-10 locks in a single room, we understood that deduction alone won't suffice here. Let's not play cunning, the plot is rather trivial. You have to find a criminal. Lots of shelves with different documents, portraits of the suspected murderers, safes, chests.
The first few closets were dealt with quickly and easily, but then our logic started to fail. Leaping ahead, we could say that the knowledge of English is not required to solve this room, yet you will need that to get hints. And hints will be absolutely necessary.
Being fond of high-quality quests, we do have a hard time trying to describe what followed with no foul language. See for yourself: At a certain stage, you have 4-5 locks left. You find a code of three digits, without the sequence thereof, and cannot understand where to use it. You groan and try it with all locks, from the smallest to the largest one and vice versa. This alone wouldn't be that bad. But no way. We would also like to notice that locks are of poor quality. We have contacted Dr. Watson for a hint... and got knocked down by his famous right hook. The answer was a brilliant one: "At random". How come? How could anyone think of something like that? Our emotional outburst was boundless. The trial and error method is a level so low that even school teachers give an F grade for that. Taking the number of locks and digit combinations into consideration, well... let's not remember geometric progression. It is clear that there are many different code versions.
Having used up all the hints with locks, we did eventually open all the secret rooms (one must notice that the interior design was at its best once again). Our team is rather self-critical, so when we cannot understand a logical task or fail to notice something, we are always ready to admit it and give the idea what it deserves. But the sheer illogicality of some more tasks that had nothing to do with locks already did knock us out for good and we didn't make it out of the room on time.
The administrator, of course, could not understand our comments and was quite surprised by our negative emotions. We were unable to find a common language and took French leave.
Next day, there were two new rooms waiting for us...


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 9/10

Technology 4/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 6.75