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EscapeRoom.lt "Black and White"

Address:Vašingtono aikštė 1

The second try, a second chance…

Black and White

After the horrible impression made by Romeo and Juliette we've been thinking long and hard about whether we should visit any more quest rooms from escaperoom.LT; initially, we have scheduled visits to three rooms of theirs for that day. In the long run, we have decide to give Escaperoom a second chance, just in case the was an accidental failure, unlike the others. After all, the photos were impressive and the number of visitors is high; let's try another one. If it's going to be the same, we'll ignore the third room. Another mistake of ours…

When you're paying 35-50 Euros for a quest and have an experience of some 20 Euros behind your back, you have something to compare with, you have what it takes to assess and understand whether the room is worth the money or is it just an easy way to make some cash for the hosts. So, well, the second room has convinced us that it's not worth paying.

The plot of the room... well, we don't know. In fact, it's even hard to imagine. You just get locked up in a black and white room and have to find the exit within 45 minutes. You will need two keys at the exit.

They give you a radio and let you into a tiny 2x2 m room with two ottomans, a couple of book shelves, a anger and a bedside table. Your first thought - well, at least it isn't wet and mouldy. There is a pile of bloody limbs in the corner. We haven't eventually been able to figure out why are those lying there. Neither do these fit the interior design, nor the theme, and we could not find any way to use these as well. In just 10 minutes, the only thing you want is to sit down on an ottoman and do nothing again. A little surprise of this room that we have found later did give us a glimpse of hope for a higher score at a certain stage, but after we found more nothing more than primitive and boring tasks and more limbs in the secret room, we got totally disappointed.

This company has no video surveillance system in its rooms; you've only got radios in your hands - and there are no hints provided in the black and white room. What we had to ask was "Why do we need a radio then?" The reply was like "What if you suddenly feel sick, how am I going to know that?" Not even an easiest technological task; just hidden keys and a couple of codes. At that, the codes in this room are also picked using the elimination method, barring any logic. Moreover, if you have failed to notice a certain code comprised of items right after you enter the room, you won't be able to leave at all, at least that's what they tell you on the radio. Then they open the door and come up with something like:
- But you did have another chance to get the key!
- How come, you did tell us there's no exit, didn't you?
- Well, you could have guessed that you had to lift the bottom of the shelf with a pin and get the key.
– Oh, but you told us that there was no other chance? Silence…

We have refused the idea of going to the third room. The girls just took their jackets and left the building, while the guys decided to stay for a little chat with the owner. When we asked them whether they have ever been to their competitors, they told us that they haven't; they visited the coolest rooms of Germany and Poland, and these aren't of any interest to them, they take their ides from Youtube. Every time we tried to give at least a tiny bit of advice about what we've seen and what's wrong and whatever should not be done, the hosts just kept insisting that their rooms are the best. It was just shocking for us: how can one assert anything without having any idea of that, without ever comparing or analyzing it? This was the second time when it was just a waste of money and time in Lithuania.

A typical case of having a charming envelope and powerful advertising, with no decent content inside. Now we see why do they take pictures of teams before the game, while the faces are still happy. The black and white theme could be implemented in a much more interesting manner; the name does not fit here at all. No idea about the plot and the relations between items, the interior's tacky, walls of gypsum wallboard.

If you will have to choose between paying 50 Euros for a decent quest that you can fail and paying 40 Euros for successfully beating THIS, we definitely recommend the first alternative. If that's your first experience and you want to have an idea of what it's like to be in a quest room, this one is absolutely out of the question.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 3/10

Technology 4/10

Originality of the tasks 4/10

Task complexity 4/10

Mean score: 3.75