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escaperoom.lt "Romeo and Juliet"

Address:Vašingtono aikštė 1

The list of rooms we do not deem worth visiting while on the lookout for a decent quest is supplemented with two Lithuanian rooms from Escaperoom. Today, we're going to tell you about one of these.
Romeo and Juliette
It's the Middle Ages; you are handcuffed, imprisoned and trying to escape. Within 45 minutes.
The name is so appealing, one can sure expect romance and intrigue. Where is that?! You are locked in a narrow stinky basement room, 1.5 by 3.5 meters in size. Stonework walls with no finishing whatsoever, it's wet, water drops from the ceiling. Could it get any worse? Oh, there are books covered in mildew. I think the Sanitary Service is definitely going to find a lot of interesting work there, biologists will discover new microbial species and people with allergies will enjoy all the pleasures of feeling as if they were in hell. This refreshing air and the smell of fungi never stop reminding you of all the horrors of this room. Ah, and the beauty of it is enhanced even further by handcuffs that chain the thumbs of two players together, you know, those small metal things that presses against your phalanx all the time. The rich prison interior offers you four books, a clay candle holder, a wooden mug and a couple of plates. You may also sit down on a narrow bench or do your doings in a special place fenced off with plywood. All these are possible locations of the keys.
Your task is to find three key and one code and... that's it! Do not forget: it's a medieval prison, no nano technologies, computers and modern stuff.. ah, and no logic whatsoever! This means, no logic at all! Just look for the code from what you see, and then... act by trial and error! Erm... You do know that four digits can produce 9999 different numbers, don't you? Once in every 10 minutes, the host comes down here to see how you're doing. You will only get two hints throughout the entire game, and then they stare at you with wide eyes and a grin - hoe come can't you find the keys? Ah, yeah, at the very beginning you're told that there are no keys in the walls and there will be no second key where you have found the first one. Moreover, you feel absolutely reluctant to stick your hand anywhere or touch anything. Just wait for the time to be over.
There's nothing, absolutely nothing to pay those 40 Euros for! Hide the house key from your husband or wife and have him/her find it; the same quest, but free of charge and set up in a more comfortable environment. Here, well, your only wish is to give it up and get out of here as soon as possible!
If you're in Lithuania and want to see the way it shouldn't be done, you can visit this quest room, of course, but you will most certainly regret your time and money as a waste.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 4/10

Technology 4/10

Originality of the tasks 4/10

Task complexity 6/10

Mean score: 4.5