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Exitmania "Titanic"

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Address:Kaļķu iela 11a, 2.stāvs, Rīga

Exitmania had every quest admirer standing still, waiting and counting days to the opening. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and, finally, the wait has come to an end! Frankly speaking, we were somewhat afraid it wouldn't be up to our expectations, that it might get boring, but no way! After all, it's not even the European level; these rooms came here from St. Petersburg, and it is a well known fact that Russian escape rooms are head and shoulders above the current local level. Dynamics, complexity, entourage – everything is crafted to a perfect quality.

So, you find yourself aboard the world's most famous liner - the Titanic. A winning ticket brought your team to face an unforgettable adventure. You are full of hope and adrenaline, ready to go crazy and have the time of your life. It all comes at a price though, as you run the risk of going down with the ship. You find out that the Titanic has collided with a huge iceberg, and you only have 60 minutes before it sinks completely. Just then, guards take you to the lower deck, where you get handcuffed to a pipe in a cabin, realising that you only have one hour to break free and try to bail to safety.

First of all, you wear life jackets; by the way, there are only three of those instead of four. You will have to agree on who's going to be that "lucky" person without a vest. Your team is briefed, blindfolded and taken amiably into the room by the staff. The game is about to begin. You get rid of the blindfold and find yourself handcuffed to ceiling pipes. You are in the radio cabin; there is a Morse device on the table, an old switchboard near a door that leads to the alleyway. Lever switches and pressure gauges are at the other door. Both doors are closed. Portholes are dark; there is a ring buoy on the floor. You spend a long time in this first room with a small auxiliary space, trying to deal with the riddles. You are tempted to move on, seeing the alleyway behind the door, which ends with an elevator - the elevator that the passengers of this notorious liner tried so desperately to escape through. Red carpet flooring, white walls, a narrow alleyway, lights blinking due to damaged wiring. There is also a special effect that creates a perfect sensation of drowning; in 10 minutes, your vestibular system starts to feel it, and some people may even get slightly dizzy.

The Titanic is deemed to be of medium difficulty, yet for our city it may be considered hard. Tasks are very diverse. Keys and Morse codes are logical, in tune with the atmosphere of those times. You will have to do your best to solve the riddles: it is going to take knowledge, experience and, most of all - attention. All hints are available and, more often than not, difficulties arise due to lack of attention. The Titanic is not a linear escape room; you will have to gather information and use your first findings at the end or apply the facts you discover at the final stretch to items you have noticed in the beginning. You will have to double-back several times throughout the locations and act under constant pressure, as time is ticking real fast, while the tasks, though not so numerous, are rather difficult. You will encounter magnetic locks, code locks and some other tasks that might be completely new for some people. Levers, switchboards, meters, maps, everything is abundant and very interesting. Solving all riddles will reward you with a feeling of satisfaction and pride of your team.

Whenever you would live, if you ever come to Riga - this room is one of the first on our "Must go" list. Too bad it was only opened in 2016. Emotions, impressions, riddles, the entourage - everything is delightful. This is the level we expect from new rooms. Spending some 50 or 60 stressed minutes in the room and fleeing just seconds before the time ends is much better than doing away with everything within just 25 minutes and being left there with the feeling that this clearly wasn't enough. We just love rooms where everything is complex and exciting; these could be played for hours. Ah, well, why just describe it all? Come to Exitmania and see for yourself! Positive emotions guaranteed, no matter how long it would take you to escape. We reserve the perfect grade of 10 for future prospects, as we know that more excellent rooms are coming, which will definitely bring something new to amaze us even further - and this company is bound to be a part of it as well. Or, maybe, it could be someone else.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10

Engineering solutions 8/10

Originality of the tasks 8/10

Task complexity 9/10

Mean score: 8.75