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Exitoria Real detective

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Most of us love high-quality, interesting detective novels and time after time in lifetime have fancied ourselves in a role of the very sleuth, and thought, "Here is the answer, why you cannot see it." We longed for being the heroes of the novel and experiencing everything ourselves, but neither will a good book or movie be able to convey what a detective feels while investigating the case and when he finally discloses a murderer. What if you are given a real chance to test your skills and participate in the investigation? To become a protagonist. Unprecedented before the escape room in the city, a detective from the Runtime.
"My husband was killed! And I am a suspect! Detective, please, help me!" There recently has been a crime in the city, an antiquarian was killed right in his own shop. The police tend to throw the blame on the widow, her only chance is your team of private detectives. Find an alibi of every likely murderer, and you get the answer, who was the one that killed the antiquarian.

The yard, the commonplace door bearing the legend of Runtime. Not even once inside, detective John meets you and escorts you down the hallway. You have already become part of the history right at the threshold, John is so skilful at introducing the storyline, he tells the story of a quest that you get intrigued from the very first minute. Brief antiquarian's wife's prehistory and you have already been immersed in the investigation atmosphere. The first room met us with cosy minimalism, beyond its windows the second one could be seen by now, the more authentic room. The environment of the first room is similar to the small yard for romantic pastime, although, it has its own secrets and quite off-the-wall engineering solutions. The bench, the stars on the ceiling and dim light, and beyond all these is the night city. Harmonically, but you have to move on, there's even more interesting there. The second room is a real antiquarian shop, not every shop in our city can boast about such a beautiful setting. It seems like there is not much space, but it is quite enough for four people. A leather armchair creates the homelike atmosphere, a small, round wooden table, beautiful globe and, of course, glass shelves with a variety of antique items, and a red carpet adds even more "softness". It is not the first time we have ever faced with how much the music playing in the background allows, however, it adds its own zest to the room, but only the right kind music. Having plunged in this atmosphere you would want to smoke a cigar and, sitting in a large chair, to carry out an investigation, but as the time is ticking the interior items play against you ...

The technical part of the room surprised us, there is no snaps, no lock with a code, except for the key from the mailbox. Everything else is the mechanics and electronics. Almost every piece of the interior is mysterious and has its identity, it "lives", there is one or another appliance for it. The whole room is active, there is a variety of puzzles, to connect a chain to receive the answer, to calculate an alibi, to apply one to the other, there is a great variety, you must show not only your head-piece, but also your deductive abilities. It is better to dispense and not to lose the time on one task. In this escape room you will need to figure the killer, collect an alibi for each suspect and only then will you be able to get out. What is nice, the hosts have prepared two difficulty levels, you can determine yourself what you like. The most complex version offers a plunge into a real detective story and smash your head twofold by performing a number of complicated tasks. Those who are not confident can choose a lighter and dynamic version, but the room will not leave you indifferent. In general, we would like to pay our great respect and fat plus for the developers of high-quality, unusual and very realistic detective novel! Believe us, it's the best in the city.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 9/10

Technology 6/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 9/10

Mean score: 7.75