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extremelife.lv "Mental Asylum"

Address:Maskavas iela 301, Rīga, LV-1063

Let us go back to the discussion of quest prices for a start. Does an escape room with just a couple of locks have the right to charge an entrance fee equal to that only charged by one or two other rooms located in the very centre of the city, flawlessly repaired and stuffed with expensive machinery? OK, it might legally have the right to do that, but is it in any way honest towards colleagues and customers? We don't think so.

So, on a dark Friday evening, we moved out to visit the new escape room by extremelife.lv. First thing is, it is situated at 301 Maskavas Street, near the Civil Registry Office. The signboard is not illuminated and therefore would be hard to find when it's dark outside. Behind a 9-storey building, on the right, there will be a door leading to the basement – that's where you have to go. Let's get back to the room itself.

Mental Asylum

The legend says you wake up in a ward of a mental hospital. You don't remember how you got here at all. Your objective: Get out of here…

This is, probably, the only room we are going to describe in detail, just to explain our... disappointment. We weren't exactly shocked, we were less impressed after visiting the "Best Escape Room"; at least there was something to do there. Having walked into the room, seeing a closet in the wall, it is tempting to think that there is a second room behind that; we nearly moved it, we were just so desperate to find a door, this thought just wouldn't give up. Creepy music plays in the background. What's real creepy is that with each passing minute, you realize that there will be nothing to do here. White walls, a discarded bed, a safe, a security guard’s chair and a table with chess. Unless you have found the answer to one of the two!!! tasks as soon as you took a look at one of the documents, you’re probably going to waste some 20 minutes sitting idle, like we did. OK, well, let’s blame our lack of attention for this one. Having looked inside every jar of pills (and what if kids come?), thumbed through all books, we realized that we couldn’t even start the game, much less grasp it, because, all right, there’s a safe, we have to open it, but we have no idea where to get the code and how many digits are there. We used a hint. By the way, there are no radios and no loudspeakers here; what you get is a mobile phone they give you before the game, you just take it and call the administrator. The connection is somewhat glitchy, but oh, well, OK. So, we were told to read the documents more thoroughly. Oops, indeed, we missed that, but no way... The code combination consists of several items that you can alter accidentally when the game starts, which results in the required digit being lost. How? It’s simple, just take the clock off the wall, drop it accidentally, thus displacing the clock hands, as it was in our case. Not to mention that the idea of hours and minutes can be different in any case. Someone would interpret the time as 15:07, others would say it’s 3:07, whereas a different logical approach would imply that it’s 3:7. Guess it yourself. But that’s not the most weird thing. One of the required digits is obtained through a psychological test; allegedly, there is a digit somewhere in those cards that fits. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find it, all four of us; maybe we’re blind, see something in a different way than it’s supposed to be, or maybe we’re simply dumb, but it’s not there. Period.

We wasted about 25 minutes with these cards, studied trough the length and breadth thereof. It seemed like they just forgot to give us the right card, because the reply they gave to our request to show us the digit was “No, come again”. Give me a break! The last straw was our conversation with the administrator regarding the mythical letter “R”, specified as the last letter of the code. The question was – what’s that, the answer – It’s on the safe. Come on, there is an “A” on the left and “B” on the right side of the safe, there’s no “R”! At least it’s very arguable. See the safe photo attached to this report. No way we could see an “A” as n “R”.
Let’s move on. There are no signs saying “do not touch” here. Being polite and treating other people’s property with respect, we’re not used to disassembling anything, unless it is stated at once that everything can be touched and dismantled. That is why we missed another detail; potentially, we could guess, of course, but, proceeding from our experience, we would never have an idea to look for it there. Then it’s chess. Never played that. Don’t come here, it’s no use. You will not be able to find one of the digits if you don’t know the rules of chess. We would also suggest changing the sentence here, so that the result would be less dubious. Another digit is encrypted in a crossword puzzle. Naturally, you have to solve it and get the answer. Maybe you will solve it, but you will have to remember all the answers, as there is nothing to write with and the way you get the result is your own business. It was logical thinking that helped us in this particular case.

Well, that’s just it – two tasks, and you’re done. Open the safe that contains a hint on how to calculate the exit code. We spent 60 minutes in there, got out using hints and dialogues just because we missed some of the data at first that turned out to be vital. Even with all that, we couldn’t find what we needed; no, it was very simple indeed, but the developers had no idea that those digits could get messed up, that linearity and sequence had to be maintained. According to the host, there were three teams before us, and the ALL got out. Well, we do know a team that will definitely get out of there and make it as fast as possible; we don’t like quest rooms of this kind. These aren’t worth 50 Euros; they leave a terrible impression and the purpose thereof is clearly visible – sweep as much money into the hosts’ pockets as possible. There is no way we could recommend this room to anyone: not worth the money, really. Colleagues, would you please pay a visit there as well? Just to discuss the problem and finally find out – WHERE IS THIS GODDAMN DIGIT IN THE CARDS?!


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 5/10
Technology 3/10
Originality of the tasks 3/10
Task complexity 6/10
Mean score: 4.25