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Find Exit "Baker Street 221b"

book quest
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Address:Tērbatas iela 83B, Rīga

The plot of the room is about the brilliant detective we all know and love, Mr. Sherlock Holmes. While Holmes is out of London, the city gets struck by a series of horrible crimes. Citizens are shocked, Holmes is nowhere to be found and a wrongfully convicted person is going to get strung up real soon! Your task is to name the true murderer and the scene of the next anticipated crime, and then exit the room. You only have 60 minutes!
Whoever designed this quest room really did their best. The first thing we noticed was a massive antique door into the room, bearing the number 221b. The impression was so vivid that one could be sure to say this door was hiding the historical London behind. This is just the case when the "envelope" proves its worth by one hundred percent and even more. Indeed, having opened the door, we delved into the late 19th century. Everything is in strict compliance with the style: carpets, walls, furniture and, of course, the music, which imbues the entire interior environment with special charm. It felt like we're just about to see Mr. Holmes in person. For the first few minutes, we were so amazed with the atmosphere that we even forgot about searching for clues and tasks; we were just walking around, beholding the interior. Closets, books, a chandelier and a rocking chair, the one our ladies took a shine to. Anyway, we had to get our thoughts together and immerse ourselves into the quest. However, we couldn't help but praising the hosts, "It's very lovely in here!" The loudspeaker responded, "Thank you, we're trying." By the way, this is the first room without a radio; the hosts hear you and respond immediately. It's very convenient and original.
In terms of technology, this room has surpassed all expectations as well. Our past experience with new rooms made us think that since these guys are newcomers and enjoy no publicity yet, we should not expect to see anything special. Boy, were we wrong! The hosts really gave it their best here as well. We shall not come clean on everything, in order to preserve the intrigue and difficulty, but this room is bound to become a success; they did really succeed in finding a number of interesting engineering solutions and concealing those, thereby making players use their heads and prove themselves at their best. It did take a lot of thinking; but we were longing for more and more, as there tasks are truly exciting. Logic, attention, calculations and technology - this one had it all.
Leaving the quest room, we had a conversation with the host. The quest room team intends to make the room even more complicated, minimize the number of keys and strive to make the experience even more fascinating. To sum it all up - great job, the ideas are great indeed.
Probably not the easiest room for your first game, it's definitely worth visiting, at least for the sake of comparison and lovely quest experience. For 2-4 players; you can also bring a child along if you want.

Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 8/10
Task complexity 8/10
Mean score: 8.5