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I Am Medievel "Ramer Tower"

Address:Trokšņu iela 13

Our home city of Riga... How much do you know about it? What do you know about the history of 27 castle wall towers that used to protect the Old Town? Ever wondered what it's like inside one of those? Now you have a chance to find out. Our city, represented by the guyse


From the 15th to the 18th century, the tower used to be a home for three generations of wandering merchants. According to the legend, they could strike lucky coins, which used to draw wealth. Thanks to these coins, all merchants rustled up quite good. The last of the three merchants has hidden the mysterious coin striking machine behind a secret door, to be inherited by a person who will be able to find it. In order to reach it, however, one has to solve the toughest of the master's riddles. Find it within 60 minutes.

The atmosphere of this quest is about authenticity - boundless authenticity. At the first glance, it seems like you're in a museum. What can be exciting about it? Boring? Definitely not in this place. Everything, up to the slightest detail, is antique; nothing is even reminiscent of modern times. Aside from a couple of minor things, perhaps, yet these do not compromise the overall impression at all. If it's a door, it's wooden and creaking, if it's a ladder, it's narrow; windows are small, jewelry boxes are wooden, locks are old and wrought, a bow and arrows... This list can go on forever, yet it's much better to see everything for yourself. Most of the items are museum showpieces; these must be treated with care, so keep caution during your search. The walls of this room breathe with history. As a part of history yourself, your job is to find the coin striking device.

Of course, you aren't going to find a single modern solution here: no computers, no magnetic locks. This is a complex of mechanical tasks and structures; everything is based on items and technologies peculiar to the medieval age. This old wrought lock with four keys - it's a true masterpiece, no "master" could ever come close. Even a locked drawer opens mechanically. So much surprises on several floors of a single tower... We cannot disclose its secrets. Yet we do give it a high rating, as the designers could come up with an engineering quest from the times past. 

This tower is a must for everyone fond of mechanics, history and, for that matter, our Old Town. This is also a great place to go to if you want to show your children how people used to live before; this place is absolutely amazing. This is also a place where those tired of modern technology can have some rest and travel into the history of our city. A great place to spend some time in a fascinating world so different from the one we live in.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 9/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 8.5