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Address:Adres:Rotundo g. 2


Being so disappointed by two quests, we needed a dose of positive and dynamics pronto. We started surfing the Internet; eventually, a new friend of ours suggested that we visit Illuminati; told us we'd like it. As we were supposed to go home this very day, we needed the room to be free within the hearest hour. Serendipitously, it turned out to be that it's free and waiting for us.
Can you imagine a quest created by someone who has never been in any quest room before? He just created what he would like the others to do.

This strange name stems from the 18th century and means "the spiritually enlightened". A group of people comprising an elite society of visionaries who change the world order, strive to achieve a single global government, financial system and religion. There is a theory that this organization still exists and controls the main world governments and transnational corporations. You've got 60 minutes to find out as much as you can and get out before the masters come home.

The room is rich in interior environment: paintings, ancient symbols, an aquarium with hungry fish, leather armchairs, a hide on the floor, a typewriter and lots of other items. Feels like you are in the office of your great-grandfather (or even your great great-grandfather) who loved hunting, in an estate in the countryside. Almost every item of the interior has its own secret or a way to use it. Eyes toss about, you don't even know what to start with. After the ah so empty B&W room, it felt like we were in a riddle paradise.

Maybe the room isn't the most rich and technological, but it's definitely a dynamic and creative one. The host let loose his fantasy and made the tasks exciting, challenging and sometimes even intriguing, all by himself. A certain riddle implies that you have to wait for a certain time after you activate it, while something is going on... You still don't know, what is it exactly. Or another one, where you look forward, while it is coming from above. Or how about this one: you know for sure that there is a second room over there, you think the entrance is here, but then it turns out to be located elsewhere. Everything is perfectly simple, yet very creative. Pleasant surprises, minimum technology and genuine excitement about every next riddle. Even the phone you use to get hints has to be connected first; only then can you use it to contact the administrator. Without any experience, the host has created a great quest thanks solely to task diversity and an unconventional approach.

Lately, this was the first room where we have spent full 58 minutes; we were absolutely happy and praised the designer for a long time. We absolutely recommend having this quest on the Top 5 Must Go list for Vilnius. No special training is required; adolescents or children accompanied by parents may feel free to visit this room as well.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 8/10
Mean score: 6.75