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Address:149 Sherlock Street, Birmingham

Let's get back to the subject of Birmingham. On the second day, we have chosen Keyhunter.co.uk. Searching for the quest itself, we have found ourselves on the Sherlock Holmes Street. A nice surprise - how symbolic.
However, while looking for the house we needed, we didn't even notice that we got into the center of a China Town. Now what could that mean?
We sure hope that this is the first and the last time we ever describe two rooms in one review. And now you are going to find out why.
So, a Chinese fellow speaking broken English  explains the basic rules to us and then we get into the second difficult room. Saying that we have never seen an interior environment that poor would hardly express anything. A dark room, four walls, a table, a chair and two locked doors.
No original tasks, no creative approach, just a couple of locks on the table and the closet. And the most shocking was that just about every task had to be solved using ultraviolet light. It's all very cheap, nothing but "Made in China". By the way, Chinese characters will be a brain buster; there are lots of these. At that, you can also see older marks on the walls, this mess exhausts real fast.
At some stage, we had our brains frozen. Getting hints from a Chinese guy with rotten English through a hissing radio is excruciating. Even having used up all three hints, we still had to ask for help and got rebuffed. The Chinese lad has really showed his adamancy and refused to help us. This made us angry, however, and eventually we were able to leave the room exactly one minute before the game was over.
We didn't quite get the pleasure we expected. Striving for adrenaline, we went into the easier room. The interior environment was more plentiful: two more tables and two more chairs! The principle of tasks was no different from the first room. We could feel that genuine Chinese assembly-line technique. Let's not play cunning: the easier room was more dynamic, one could feel that at least some money were invested. Tasks involving color palette, number juxtaposition, hash tag tricks have improved our impression of the Chinese Brother and we got out in 45 minutes.
We didn't go to the third room; there was nothing to do there. And we absolutely could not understand the connection between room names, the legend and the actual furnishing thereof.
Regretfully, there's nothing else to describe. Sapless, dull, boring. For the umpteenth time have we got baited by a pretty wrapper (the website, in this instance) with unsavory filling inside.
Relying on our experience, we can tell for sure that the quest industry in Riga, in general, is at a very good level.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 4/10
Technology 3/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 5.00