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MyEscape "Gordon vs E-Corp"

Address:Brīvības iela 224-k5, 2 stāvs

There are such firms, which quietly and deliberately work, create and then amaze. What they lack? - Publicity, promotion and recognisability. We can help such firms to become recognizable, because their works deserve attention. Half a year ago the city was literally battered by rooms themed with all sorts of robberies, and each was successful in its own way. One of the companies: MyEscape, then, in winter, opened a room ‘Robbery of a Jewellery Shop’ and produced a wave of positive emotions and attracted immense attention. Back then, they promised to launch work on the second room, by giving a start to a very interesting theme to our satisfaction. As expected from a quality work, it took quite a lot of time, but the result was worth it. MyEscape actualized a quest with the theme, which remains for many people a childhood dream so far. What are we talking about? About the space, in particular, about the future. The new room will bring you to the year 2219. Please meet: ‘Gordon vs. E-Corp’.


In the distant 2219, when the Earth survived a series of wars and natural disasters, it became unfit for human habitation, but even by this year the mankind has not studied the space enough. People began living in satellite skyscrapers, called ‘Abodes', owned by a company E-Corp. The abodes accommodate millions of people and are quite fit to live. The company has created a sort of State, dictating its rules. When someone is ruling, of course, he won’t let anyone near the power. Since the planets identical with the Earth are a few hundred light - years away from you, E-CORP is very profitable. Your team is acquainted with Professor Gordon, who is engaged in the development of next - generation fuel, it would enable to reach other planets much quicker. But, a strange coincidence happened; he disappeared once he told about his discovery to few comrades. Right, his trail was picked up by the corporation. After all, the professor was not as silly as that and managed to send to you, his true friends, a message, by using the most reliable way — an old good paper and a pneumatic tube. The corporation failed to find the way to control it.

Standing at aluminium doors resembling either a lift or laboratory door, we received the message via the pneumatic tube. What we saw next we’d like to keep under wraps to the maximum so that you would get surprised as much and all the time as we did. We give the minimum description of locations created by MyEscape, such as – they used too much aluminum! The whole complex of the satellite skyscraper is made from aluminum. All walls, floors, sleeping accommodations, capsules or recreation rooms (there are there, indeed), everything is thought through and made as close as possible to the space theme. On your way there will be a small illuminator with the Earth, a robot, a vending machine with an opportunity to buy space gadgets and a host of other things. You are in the future and everything around you plunges you exactly into such atmosphere. We admired figuratively everything we could lay our hands on. Whether it was a gadget or a subject of our time creatively designed. The theme is new and everything in it is unique in its own way.

The technical part of this escape room is rather high. At first, we thought the presence of several locks a little weird, but, it is worth noting, their location could not have come at a better time. Why? You will understand yourself. Although there are banal locks, we came across with a very unusual and themed one. In the room there are also a good number of various appliances, which play into the theme of the future supremely well. The tasks are based on the advertence and intelligence of the participants. Before starting some tasks you need to learn carefully all information available – that seems simply enough. But, as it turned out, it has its challenges. It is satisfactory that the maximum quantity of machinery is employed for the actualization of the quest and of the game itself. It will be interesting to receive answers from unexpected sources, as well as to find secrets where some time ago they weren’t there. You cannot say that this is a fully technology – savvy quest, but in general, the application of engineering solutions here is rather high, however, a firm 10, so far, in our view, no one has attained yet. Here it is difficult to give out a mark, kind of want 10, but you realize that something ought to be left for the future.

We’d like to distinguish this escape room for its singularity and atmosphere. Just the fact that the theme is new, unused before and close to a childhood dream ‘To be in a spaceship’ leaves a host of positive emotions. Huge work has been done and during the game you get adrenalin and the sense of a sheer delight. You will experience new, unfamiliar before physical sensations and this, believe us, will not leave you indifferent. Despite the average grade point we liked the room a lot and we are delighted that the second quest from the company is not a penny the worse than the first one, and, perhaps, even better. Categorically ‘Must go’! Categorically ASAP! Ahead for booking, friends!

Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 10/10
Technology 9/10
Originality of the tasks 9/10
Task complexity 9/10
Mean score: 9.25