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Mysteria "Illusion"

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Address:Riga, Skolas 14

Mysteria is more than just escape rooms, it's about elaborate details, quality and perfection of room interiors, original game structure. We are glad to share our impressions of yet another successful quest room now open in our city.


Most of you have probably seen the movie "Inception", where they used to build a different reality in their sleep. Houses and furniture were shaped just like the architect himself imagined, right in his dreams. The most eccentric solutions and projections, it was all coming true, despite being just an illusion. Imagine yourself in a strange flat. Sixty minutes of inverted reality, until the alarm clock rings.

We had no idea where we could get and what we could see. We were offered to have our eyes covered with a blindfold, for more impression and suddenness; we agreed and were rewarded with a pleasant surprise. At first, the expectations are totally different; we thought we would see some Sci-Fi, lasers, space, or, maybe, Narina? We never thought we would find ourselves in such a cosy hearthside. When we opened our eyes, what we felt was light, warmth and homeliness. We felt like putting slippers on, sit down by the TV and drape a blanket around the shoulders - it's just that the blanket keeps falling off... The atmosphere of a clean new home, crafted by its creators with feeling. Soft carpets, original unconventional tables, colourful walls - it's all perceived from a completely different perspective than one might have before. You want to take a seat - but you can't, neither can you lie down: you are in a different reality, and it's awesome!

Apart from great decorations, the hosts have developed a number of exciting tasks; just imagine that almost every item in the house has a totally different function from what you used to see before. Household items that we find common become a par of a technological quest. At that, everything is by no means simple. The tasks are diverse and mostly technological, but the first thing it takes is attention. It is important that the logical chain is easy to comprehend and the objective is clear. As regards the hints, by the way: these work in a manner similar to that of the "Theft of the Holy Grail" room, i.e. there is a screen that shows hints every 6 minutes, yet playing by the hints only is not an option, as you will not be able to escape the room on time in this case. In case you need any assistance, a lovely administrator girl will always be there to help you. You can contact her using an intercom.

Our recommendations – put it on the "Must Go" list, get a bunch of friends or your beloved family and off you go. This game will give you a load of positive and uplift, and you will never regret the time and money you've spent.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 8/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 7.75