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Mysteria "Story of the Missing Professor"

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Address:Riga, Brivibas 158

Our first experience was not that successful, but that didn't stop us; on the contrary, it gave us an incentive to pass other rooms! We had no idea about what it's like and how it's done, we were just looking for a thrill!
The professor's room involves a trial of attention, aptitude and wits. We will not describe the actions of our team, as our objective is to spark the interest in you without disclosing any secrets. 
The plot is about the disappearance of a professor who has dedicated his life to studying paranormal phenomena, UFOs, anomalous zones. He went missing under unknown circumstances, having left several very important scientific papers, which your team is going to seek, use and solve. 
Still being quite unexperienced, we ran into the room and started staring at whatever was at the eye level - that was our first mistake! One should always pay great attention to small items and mind any details that seemingly have no importance whatsoever. Decorations in the professor's room are in tune with the plot, contains numerous interesting items and is well planned, with nothing redundant. This can be one of the rooms advisable for a visit together with your children; there are simpler tasks feasible for kids. The room is also a nice choice for teams on their first quest|. A child may be the fifth member of the team; of course, the less adults on the team, the lesser the chances of winning. As they say, two heads are better than one. 
In general, the rooms offered by Mysteria are not that complicated, yet interesting and meticulously detailed; these do not require the knowledge of advanced maths, chemistry, biology or power engineering; everything is fairly simple and only depends on your own wits.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 6/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 7.0


P.S. We had the exit code on our hands, but the door got blocked for the last three minutes after three failed attempts to open it, which is why we were eventually on the losers table, yet, in fact, we did find the answer. We sure left this room with positive emotions; it was the first one. We always recommend it as the first one; this is a good and not very complicated room.