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Mysteria "Theft of the Holy Grail"

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Address:Riga, Brivibas 158

The plot of the quest takes its roots in the times of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. Stand in the shoes of a monk; you are wearing a hooded robe of heavy fabric. You are going to steal the Holy of Holies. You've got 60 minutes to do that...

Now, it's the 15th century. Your team finds itself in a room where absolute calm prevails. You hear some strange ambient noises though. Stonework walls with emblems, a painting on an easel, a huge chest. You're standing in front of a locked chamber that is full of riddles and answers. Interior environment items are laden with an abundance of stories and surprises. Everything is fascinating, one feels completely immersed in those ancient times. The hosts have put in a lot of fantasy to create a masterpiece.

Despite the fact that the room you are in is anything but modern, you can't even imagine the surprises it has to offer. Don't you remember the genius of Leonardo da Vinci as an inventor? Assembling a broken detail like a puzzle is the simplest thing your team is going to face. Rubik's Cube fans will find a certain task to be very simple; they can do away with that one in an instant, gaining time; dexterity and teamwork are going to make a short work of another task. Neither did the guys ignore simple locks, but these do not hinder the general impression of the complexity and originality of this quest. Our experience with other rooms was a major asset for us while dealing with this one; if it wasn't for that, it would probably take us longer.

This room is on our "Must Go" list and surpasses many others in terms of originality. We are looking forward to see new, even more exciting rooms and riddles from the Mysteria team. Teams should comprise of 2-4 players, but do not hesitate to take a kid as the 5th player. Anyone aged 16 and above may feel free to go with no guidance from an adult. The quest will definitely not leave you unfazed.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 9/10
Technology 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 8/10
Mean score: 7.75