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Mystery House "Dr. Zinc"

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Are you a chemist, or, maybe, a mathematician? Or maybe these were your favorite subjects in school and now you will be happy to refresh your memory? The we seem to have found the right room for you - Dr. Zinc from mysteryhouse.lv

The legend of the house tells that an evil scientist has went bonkers and decided to blow up the world. Hold your breath, gather your thoughts, use all your knowledge: you are the team that is going to make history. The only thing to determine is the role - will you be saviors or... The scientist has planted the bomb right in his  office. Your mission is to save the world within 60 minutes; the stakes are high, so hurry up.

The scientist's office is a very simple one, but the atmosphere is real vivid and emotions run high - all thanks to the bomb standing right in the middle, with a ticking timer. Of course, there are lots of objects and formulas here as well. At the first glance you feel like you are going to fail it for sure. The items are simple, but the usage thereof is hard. Looking around, we were actually tempted to make the process harder for ourselves. It seemed that all items are not put here just for the sake of it; we thought there is a use for everything. "Mirrors, look: this does mean something..." later, we laughed at ourselves - these were just mirrors. The interior environment is not the most essential and interesting part of this quest; it's zest is in the tasks.

Apart from that, the quest is more technological than not. Yes, there is technology there; at least you have this bomb that you have to disarm, but it's also full of multi-level logic riddles, and it's those riddles that make the quest super-complicated and exciting, not the technology. Usually you can apply an item you have found to something at once. Here, chances are you won't have anything to apply the item you found to in an instant. Or the usage of technological devices, a QR code, for example, just to find a certain element, to get a broad picture of the riddle. Everything's real, very clear and comprehensible, but the difficult part is that all tasks include numerous levels and operations. The room also has its own surprise, which makes it even more attractive. Apart from that, various locks are to be encountered here; you will even be briefed on the usage thereof.
Dr. Zinc is a quest you definitely have to visit to warm up your brain, boost confidence and get new useful experience. It's not the easiest quest for the first time, it would be better to take an easier quest before challenging this one. The same Mystery House, for instance, offers two more rooms, from low to high difficulty level. Team size is 2-4 persons; can be more as well, there is enough space. No age restrictions, but it's better to observe the lower age limit of 16, as children may actually find this one hard.

Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 5/10
Technology 6/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 9/10
Mean score: 6.50