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"The Mystery Room" by noescape.lv

Address:Brīvības iela 155/3

The world of quest fans tries to keep abreast of the times in its search for innovations and delightful engineering solutions. But what about those who are keen on the classics? Who appreciates it and asks to give them a good old classical scenario any day? Of course, they are welcome into the quest world as well. There is nothing as enjoyable as comprehensible logics and linearity, absence of the endless whys and what fors. This weekend, we took two quests of classical interpretation, which will definitely bring joy to mainstream customers in this branch of the entertainment industry. Neither the rating, nor the presence/absence of any innovations matters here - this is a classic. So, let us meet the guys who dared to enter the market where there is soon going to be a room per every single team. This is a joke, of course, but the number of rooms is indeed growing impetuously, especially for a relatively small city like Riga. So, give a warm welcome to a team of quest lovers, newcomers to the escape room world of the city of Riga: noescape, with their Mystery Room quest.

According to the legend, your team has to save the world from an evil demon. Ages ago, wizards sealed the demon inside a locket, but recently, it has fallen into the wrong hands, which are eager to let the demon loose. You happen to know the secret location where the locket is now. In order to save the world, you have to penetrate this mystical place and find the artefact. Good wizards can help you, but only for one hour.

Mysticism, ominous temples and dark rooms with ghosts - as if everything would be rather trite and commonplace. Nevertheless, the theme is popular, and every designer tries to make it somehow unique. Having begun the quest, you feel the atmosphere of solitude and luxury. If this would a cold winter night, the desire to sink into that large comfy chair near the fireplace, sipping wine, would definitely overpower our wish to play. Dim lights, two soft armchairs near the lit fireplace, some paintings of mystical sceneries on the walls, a massive built-in closet of dark wood, countless vases and a huge wooden cube in the middle of the room. The interior is amazing in terms of quality and finesse; everything is elaborate and even too cosy for a typical quest - but it is real lovely to be here. This is a fusion of different styles: something is antique, some locations feature elements of the Baroque, whereas sometimes one can see a touch of modern design. All this gives the room its charm and makes it stand out from a multitude of other rooms. Interior items used in the game are rather simple, but the usage thereof can be quite original sometimes. Even the most common pieces of furniture can turn into something interesting in skilful hands.

This escape room features a number of up-to-date mind-teasers, but mostly these are classical quest riddles. That is, you are going to play a linear game, which consists of finding items, putting these in the right places and thus obtaining the answers you need. Wits, logics and resourcefulness - nothing too complicated. The game will lead you from discovery to discovery, leaving a trail of numeric locks and a fair amount of keys behind, but some original ideas are also present. The room makes use of lights, special effects and psychological influence. In other words, most visitors will be in for both a fright and a surprise (this probably does not apply to the most experienced players who have already been through more than a half of all quest rooms in Riga). The search for codes and keys takes up a considerable share of the gameplay, yet we didn't find it to be exhausting at all. The game progressed so smoothly, adding modern elements to the classical setup every once in a while, that the overall impression was not affected.

One of our team members said that he felt like he was inside a computer quest, one of those games where you had to look for lots of items in a beautiful room and then find the right use for your discoveries, whereas another player expressed his emotions in the following way: "It is much like classical music; it will always be easy and pleasant for one's ear". A player of the younger generation has joined us recently; as of today, he only did several quests. His impressions are very positive; as a person with no previous experience with similar rooms, he found the riddles to be comprehensible and the game itself to be quite dynamic. This means that we feel free to recommend this room to all beginners, people willing to spend some time with their families or simple quest room lovers. There is going to be something of appeal here for everyone. Some people will build up their experience, others will have their adventure or a dose of classics. At any rate, this is a nice addition to one's quest room record. Having been through a number of difficult rooms and "why/what for" brainstorms lately, we found our own impression of this room to be quite lovely.

Our rating:
Room atmosphere 8/10
Technology 7/10
Originality 7/10
Task complexity 8/10
Overall score: 7.5/10