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NOGAME "Amnesia"

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That strange condition when you open your eyes and cannot remember how you got here (aside from those situations when you had quite a party yesterday and that last, well, rusk, was definitely redundant, so you fell like dying in the morning); you have a loss of memory, you find it hard to remember anything clearly – these signs are the evidence of amnesia. The guys from nogame.lv have opened a new room under the same name. Today, we will share our impressions of the new quest with you.
You find yourself locked up in a confined space,which turns out to be a psychiatry ward of an experimental hospital. You plunge into a mystical story, full of secrets and unconventional tasks. Gathering the information piece by piece and solving riddles, you start to get a clearer idea of what's going on. Find out what has happened in the hospital and get out of there within an hour.
While wearing the quest clothes, you still do not suspect how exactly is your quest going to begin and what have you signed up for. You have two options, a hospital robe or a straitjacket. So, having your clothes on, you get into the character and proceed into the room... your team is split up into pairs, everyone is led to the designated position, two of you are handcuffed to the radiator, being left with a very restricted space for action, whereas your team members are behind bars in a narrow cell, their hands tied behind their backs - they have opted to impersonate patients. Now everyone's in position and the game may begin.
A room with lots of X-ray photos, patients' cards, a hospital bed, a wheelchair, a TV set, a closet, an immense flow of information and questions - how to get rid of the handcuffs? Your colleagues run around the small room, trying to figure our how to open the numeric lock on the bars. They only have crossed digits, weekdays, what's that? Why is there so many of these? Could all that's written on the walls be a clue? Takes teamwork; being on your own just won't suffice. In 20 minutes, the lights go out; complete silence is required, all actions must be ceased for 30 seconds, then you may go on. This happens every 20 minutes.
This quest is replete with information; try not to get distracted and use whatever you get to the maximum, else you risk failing to find what to do next. It's not one of those standard rooms you are used to, where the goal is usually set clear and what we have to do is to find a solution. In this particular instance, the hosts have gone vice versa - in order to move on, you have to find the task itself, then you will have no trouble finding the answer thereto. Remember all those movie scripts where the patients broke free or the doctors became prisoners themselves. Nogame.lv has made the quest extremely exciting along its plot line. You can't choose what to do; you have to follow the script strictly. It's not a dynamic quest where you would have to run around, search, climb, use; it's a training for your brain and an exam for attention. It's great to see that the guys have taken a humorous approach, as clearing the atmosphere occasionally during the game has positive influence on the players, we did appreciate that!
Our advice – everyone can visit this one; this time you can select the difficulty level. There is an easier level for those going for their first quest experience and a harder level for those sure of themselves. Do not hesitate to pick this room as your first one, nogame.lv will make sure you get a great load of positive and never sit idle. Individual approach to each player.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 7/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7-8/10 (selectable)

Mean score: 7.5 (at high difficulty level)