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NOGAME "The Mystery of the Crazy Scientist"

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Address:Kr.Barona 92, Rīga, Latvija, LV-1009

The Mystery of the Crazy Scientist

It's time for yet another room we would recommend to have on your Must Go list. It's the all-time classic Mad Scientist from the guys at nogame.lv.
Your team faces a mystery, which is anything but simple. You find yourself into a house where a mad scientist used to live. He used to be a hermit, no one actually ever saw him. Only some strange noises could be heard from inside his house. On October 10, 2014, the noises have stopped. Having arrived on call from the troubled neighbors, the police have breached the door, but found no one inside. The scientist is gone... if he ever existed at all. It's just those ominous noises that keep coming from the house at night.

Imagine a room where a scientist was rumored to live; nobody ever saw him, he never had any guests. The only thing remaining is the strange noise, without any trace of the scientist himself. A vast number of different gadgets, microscopes, slide films, hard drives, zounds of formulas and notes on the walls, however, do tell that the scientist was trying hard to discover something. From all appearances, he did succeed. So what was his mystery about? All computers are locked, records are incomprehensible, formulas incomplete - where could the answers be? The first room contains a lot of riddles already, but there also a door to the next one. The interior environment does not give a smallest hint about the challenges that the team is going to face on the way to the exit. Items and decorations only provide a general idea of the scientist. The image of an elderly fellow wearing a white lab coat and gazing at you with a crazy glare appears in your mind.

The hosts sure did their best to puzzle the players. So many mind teasers, from simple locks and mathematical tasks to using a telescope in a room with darkened windows. Where, why, how? This room gets a high score for complexity and engineering tasks, as it features diversity and originality. No need for hi-tech solutions here; what's already available is quite enough for your brain to boil and make you think. So many items just asking to be combined to get to the answer, but in fact these only get you confused, making you lose time while searching for what's really necessary. Pay attention and make use of all your knowledge and experience in this quest. Having beaten this room, you get +10 to skill.

Our recommendation would be to get adequately prepared for this room. Do a couple of easier quests, gain experience and then go for an unusual evening in this enigmatic room. If you feel confident and want to take a challenge though, let it be your first quest with a table of victory time records. The team is supposed to consist of 2-4 persons, as usual; for people aged 16 and above.

Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10

Technology 6/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 6.75