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Quest House "The Concert"

book quest
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Address:Liepāja, Latvija, Friča Brīvzemnieka iela 42

Frankly speaking, having heard some stories from our friends about an escape room in Liepaja, we didn't much expect to see anything special that could be compared with better quest rooms in Riga. This type of entertainment is still new to this town, and we assumed that it came from Riga, most probably, as we couldn't think of someone who would invest funds in a high-quality quest. It turned out to be...

You are a freelance agent of a special investigation group working on art thefts, which is currently after Jan Vermeer's priceless painting "the Concert", which disappeared under mysterious circumstances from the Isabella Gardner Museum in 1990. Your team got the scent and obtained a unique opportunity to return this world-renowned masterpiece.

The legend clearly implied that we were agents yet again, facing the objective of investigating something. OK, we thought, that's not the first time, so let's go play. We were taken to a small, light and cosy room. Feeling completely comfortable about having a whole hour to investigate this tiny room, we started looking for whatever it had to offer.
Light-coloured flooring and furniture, a small bench and a mirror. Seems like there's nowhere else to go - except, perhaps, the window. But what if... What do we usually do when we see a closet? (Now, everybody answers this question) Oh, of course, we see how durable it is and check whether there is any evidence of a secret compartment. Checked, found nothing... eased up again. There is nether too few nor too many items in the room, just as much as it takes to create an impression of a beautifully styled room. Must have been a woman's hand here. Everything complies with the style and does not look like an escape room at all. We studied each item, every book, figurine, vase carefully, tried to find an unconventional use for some of those. Time was ticking, and still we were not in a hurry. 45 minutes later...

That weird case when you get outsmarted - and enjoy it greatly. Boy, were we wrong to take it easy... In this room, we have stumbled upon several features we already knew, some new ones and a couple of totally unconventional approaches. The tasks are very diverse. At first, you solve those logical tasks leisurely and open the only safe you see, thinking that the painting is inside, only to find yourself running around feverishly, finding nothing but more locks at a later stage. You will have to look in places where nothing can usually be found.  Though there was nothing super hi-tech for us here, we had more than enough pleasure and surprise, lasting until the very exit. All tasks are very logical and will take attention, logics, wits, speed and, probably, some experience to complete. Interesting and unusual safes, only opening to give you yet another task, are absolutely delightful.
Having escaped the room with minutes left until the time would run out, we were shocked by where we got in the long run and how original was the exit. Someone might deem it simple, but there was no way we would ever expect an approach like that from our neighbours, so it came as a major and pleasant surprise. We highly recommend this room to everybody; choose a nice sunny day, visit the town of Liepaja and go to Quest House for a load of new positive emotions.
P.S. Do not let the agent legend confuse you; it's just a legend. The room itself will amaze you with riddles and mysteries - this is in no way yet another investigation. By the way, the hosts got their idea from Moscow, which is truly a quality mark; they do some very interesting quests there. Looks like it's time for us to go to Russia!


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 7.00