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QuestLab "Captain's Cabin"

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“How long are we going to dangle around like a bum boat? I'm sick of the captain. Enough of his command! I want to live in his cabin.” The legend of the missing captain is brought to us by one of our city's quest rooms – questlab.lv

Captain's Cabin

The legend says that the cabin of the long lost captain is haunted. Rumors say that none of those who dared to enter it ever came back. Try to lift the curse and exit the cabin. You only got 60 minutes to do this.
Usually, a vessel cannot afford to have spacious cabins, maybe that's why the designers didn't try to make the captain's room too large. If there are 4-5 of you, you are going to feel like sardines in a can, as the room you find yourself in is very small, it is room for only 2-3 people. To have a look around, you may find it useful to take an armchair, sit down at the table, on the window sill, but please be very careful, you can't touch just about anything here. Items are scarce and the space is just too small. The pressing feeling you have due to the walls does not let you ease up and delve into the quest.(if you are more than 3) Well, the interior environment is, of course, rich and appealing, one can tell for sure that a designer did take part, everything is styled and relates to the theme. But it's just about the only thing that deserves a higher score.

The tasks within this quest are not exactly hard, these are more like boring, no dynamics and intrigue. You can see where to find the exit key and what to do to get it from the very first minutes. Then you just have to use those few items that you see in the right way. No technology here, just a couple of mechanical tasks, that's all. One would sure like more movement, search, getting somewhere, but none of that is available, just a series of crossword-style tasks, as we call it.

You could visit that to make your holidays, weekend or just a boring evening a little but more diverse, but be advised that there should be no more that 3 people on your team and expect more passive recreation. As to us, we could not emphasize any fascinating features or satisfactory emotions.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 5/10

Originality of the tasks 6/10

Task complexity 6/10

Mean score: 6.25