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QuestLab "Experiment"

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What a pleasure to get to a room with a bunch of cones and fluids experiments. In childhood, each of us just loved mixing different substances and watch what will happen, it was important not to make a mistake mixing the ingredients which may be mixed and which are not. In the new room from QuestLab you can easily try yourself in the role of the scientist and to participate in the salvation of the world. So...

Legend of the room says that people became ill with dangerous epidemics and your team urgently needs to find the antidote. All the world’s humankind is in danger of extinction and there is only 60 minutes to the most important mission of your life, hurry up.

After going to the lab, you know, what awaits you is no easy task. There are a lot of cones, jars of liquids, books and huge periodic table on the wall. It's all are not just interior decoration, that we used to see in other rooms, here you have to operate with all that you have. You are in the darkness and the only thing that illuminates the room is LED red tape. A large table where you need to carry out experiments, but where to start? Look, there's another door, another room with a surprise. There is so much to tell, but we shouldn’t, you better see it yourself.

This room is very different from the "Captain" with the scenarios, complexity, technique, originality and design, of course. We were very glad, that the developers used their imagination and made the room technological, but even more we were pleased that the room is intriguing, mysterious and complex, you have no idea what you will need to do. The presentation is one, and the tasks are totally different, however, all actions have a logical chain, except for some confusing things. But is it bad? If it will be easy, it won’t be so interesting. Unfortunately, we can not reveal the secrets of the quest, but will tell you that here you will find a variety of tasks based on logics.

If you're looking for thematic rooms, you are a scientist, or always wanted to become one, this room is for you. If you just love the interesting quests quality of the original idea, this room for you, too. Our recommendations - add it the list.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 7/10

Originality of the tasks 7/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 7.25