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room break "KGB room"

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If you're on the lookout for something to do this evening and have a crew of 2 to 4 people you'd share a foxhole with, we have a nice bit of advice. Let us introduce you to the new quest room from roombreak.lv, and, maybe, you will know your course of actions for this evening in just half an hour.

"KGB room"
You are convicted for conspiring against the government and plotting to bring it down. Someone reported you, so now you're in the office of the Security Service investigator, Boris Yefimovich, located in the basement of the notorious KGB building. The bill of indictment says you were talking about your wish to visit France. In an hour, an escort will be here to take you to the court. While talking to Yefimovich, you find out that your case file is in the safe. Boris leaves the office to see if the escort has arrived. You only have 60 minutes to take your handcuffs off, break open the safe, take the documents and get away.

Unlike the other quest rooms, where you go into the room all at once, this time you're taken inside one by one and handcuffed to the wall. You see at once that your movements are restricted within a radius of one meter. The same applies to all other players. The phrase you hear is as follows: the first one must help the others. So, you're sitting in a gloomy room, with walls of old brickwork; on the left you can see a prisoner lying on a bed behind some bars. The light is subdued; you see the safe containing documents of vital importance to you and try anxiously to find the code you need to unlock the handcuffs. Remember those frightening offices from the old KGB movies? An old wooden table with several phones, a desk lamp, a typewriter and several smaller items, a chair people used to sit on for many long hours, a large safe nearby, an old radio on top of the closet and the smell of the investigator's last cigarette in the air. No time to stare at the details, time to get our of here.

Technically, the room is equipped quite humbly, it contains no surprises or complicated technological secrets. All tasks set by the hosts are logical and the hints are made in a way that anyone could twig the answer. Knowing that the room is going to be attended by experienced players in advance, the hosts can make it more complicated, which will make your progress to the solution even more exciting. Players love dealing with a number of small tasks, as the more tasks you solve, the greater the satisfaction. It's nice knowing you've been able to deal with everything, isn't it? Beats guessing a single riddle for half an hour, at least…

We suggest visiting this room in full teams of 4 people. No obstacles for kids and teenagers, they can reap a lot of fresh emotions, as well as the adults. The room is presented in a truly exciting way from the very beginning; it's definitely worth your attention.

Special cheers fly to Dmitriy, the host (or one of them), who has been able to come up with such an exciting and circumspect room whilst his previous experience consisted of a visit to just one room, according to him. Maintain your progress and keep opening new rooms, more complicated and technically sophisticated - we'll be sure to come and take a look!

Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 5/10

Originality of the tasks 6/10

Task complexity 7/10

Mean score: 6.5