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Wrong Room "Crazy kitchen"

Address:ArkliĊ³ g. 26, Vilnius

It's time finally to share a really good quest room with you, the one that will also go on our "Must Go" list. Here are the undisputed favorites of Lithuania - Wrong room. We've been to two rooms of a total of three. The third one seemed too easy for us, but, after the disappointment we had with those other rooms, we were sorry we didn't book this one as well. So let's proceed, in an orderly fashion...

Crazy Kitchen

A very uncommon kitchen awaits. The mistress is used to being the only cook around there and hates it when any strangers appear, so everything is very secluded. As you did break in, you are her hostages now. The team must find and unveil the kitchen's secrets within 60 minutes.
The room appears to be a common one at the first glance. A kitchen table near the wall with cupboards above; there's a n old stove, a fridge opposite thereto and a dining table with chairs nearby. At the far end of the room, there is a hand-painted wooden door that leads to an auxiliary room. One feels tempted to make oneself some coffee, take a seat and discuss future plans. The only issue is that, as any woman would agree, a kitchen is a place that must be kept in order and free of any strangers. Imagine that the mistress is very angry when someone snoops around her cupboards and tries to open those. Right now, she's not home and the door clicked shut behind you. Everything you see is obscured: you have to show some fantasy, solve the riddles and find the keys.
The gust who created this quest took a very original and unconventional approach. They have contemplated just about everything. Fantasy flies free about using items on each other and opening doors and whatnot, and it feels completely secure. This company is dedicated to making quest rooms as technologically complicated as possible, it uses a lat of electronics and technology. The solutions one has to use to open a lock are most original; we have never seen anything like that before. The greatest thing is that the guys try to avoid repeating themselves. You will never find a similar piece of engineering or a similar solution in two different rooms. Their quests really take you into the world of the 21st century technology.
If you are in Lithuania or are going to visit Vilnius, make sure you allocate an hour of your time and the amount of 50 Euros to take this exquisitely crafted quest. Age restrictions: children aged below 14 must be accompanied by an adult. The team size is usual, 2-4 persons.


Our rating:

Atmosphere/Room decorations 8/10

Technology 8/10

Originality of the tasks 8/10

Task complexity 8/10

Mean score: 8