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Wrong Room "Party in "Jamaica""

Address:ArkliĊ³ g. 26, Vilnius

We got very lucky, as "Wrong room" has opened yet another quest room named Jamaica right when we were visiting Lithuania. It's not even a room, but rather an entire adventure on your way to the exit. Having dealt with the "Kitchen" successfully, we have booked another quest. Mat (the host) asked us to wait a little while he gets everything prepared and let us know that the room is just opposite, in the Hostel Jamaica. We have crossed the road, got ourselves some coffee and in just a couple of minutes we were invited to come in…

Party in "Jamaica"

Imagine: one day you decided to hang out with your friends, there were few people but lots of alcohol... Waking up in the same room in the morning, you see that the door is locked - and you have to be in another place in an hour. Try to remember how to open that door.

Having taken our coffee cups with us, we went into a small room that looked like a lobby. There was another door, leading to the next room. We were given papers to sign, confirming that we are informed of the safety rules. (BUT!!! the hosts did come up with a feature that stuns you at first and makes you panic a moment later! We are anxious to tell you about it, but we won't disclose other people's secrets. You have to feel it yourself). Having signed those, we have started trying to figure out what to do.
An alcohol tester on the wall, a table with a computer in the middle of the room, a mini football table, a window and a shelf for wine bottles. The alcohol tester requires a coin - and you have none, the door is locked. Having found the key, we moved on. And here's where it all begins. You do feel like you really don't remember that you have been here or that your friends are about to come and the fun is about to start. A minibar with alcohol, a DJ console, cards, poker chips, a disco ball on the dance floor, everything's as it is supposed to be. Dancing silhouettes on the wall, the atmosphere calls for a party.

Jamaica is a quest with no locks, the only key is from the doors between the rooms, the only code is used to open the backpack (the hosts promised to get rid of that as well), everything else is concealed, hidden, arranged in a way that makes you think hard about how to use it. The room certainly bears an engineer's touch; everything is circumspect and even the obvious items actually have a totally different function. A TV set without a picture was a new feature for us. The intricacies thereof that we have discovered later, while talking to the hosts, turned out to be a great surprise. This is probably the most unconventional feature in the room, though the way to open the front door is very peculiar as well. The guys have really found a Master, with a capital "M"m who fulfills their ideas and finds the most original solutions.

If you are in Lithuania, you absoultely have to visit this quest. The only restriction is the age - visitors must be aged 18 or above. However, each winner gets a free tequila shot from the hosts! Do not miss out the opportunity to see a piece of high-quality work from our neighbors.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 8/10
Originality of the tasks 8/10
Task complexity 8/10
Mean score: 7.75