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Xroom.lv "Detained by the KGB"

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Address:Zigfrīda Annas Meierovica bulvāris 14

Riga. It's 1980. The KGB deals ruthlessly with those disloyal to the Soviet government. You are detained for criminal activities and you know full well what's coming to you... However, while being interrogated, you see a chance to escape. Will you be able to take that chance? The countdown has begun. It's 60 minutes…

Well, we thought before entering the room - what else could anyone come up with in order to decorate an investigator's office, so that it wouldn't be boring? There is something, in fact: expressive and authentic details. The room we found ourselves in was rather small, yet the number of riddles lets a team of four players feel comfortable there notwithstanding. Seems like nothing special at the first glance: a common hard wood table, a leather chair, a closet, a safe, as usual. Yet, there were some small details to make the room more interesting and authentic. For example, a bottle of spirit, an antique phone, a service cap, medals and suspect cards. In general, everything was finely themed, even though it wasn't anything extraordinary. Antique inventory created the room's unique atmosphere; it's great when hosts dedicate their time and effort to ensuring maximum compliance in detail. 

This is not a technology-oriented room, yet a number of interesting inventions is also present, as a pleasant surprise from the hosts. Locks and logical tasks are in place as well. It's nice to see everything arranged in a linear way, not causing any sequence issues; it's hard to find nowadays. Riddles are based on searching, collecting data and using it. Morse code could not be left out, of course; it is also present and keeps players stressed (unless, of course, the hosts listened to us and fixed that). In general, there are so many diverse riddles that you will enjoy all 60 minutes of this quest and finish it full of emotions and proud of the fact that, eventually, you were able to escape. 

Our recommendations in respect of this room are positive and we do recommend this quest to both experienced players who can put their skills to test in a rather difficult room and beginners who can level up and obtain some nice experience.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 6/10
Technology 5/10
Originality of the tasks 6/10
Task complexity 7/10
Mean score: 6.00