We are team of four enthusiasts with a totally different professions, friends, who has one hobby. We are visiting rooms because we like it, we get a buzz out of doing it. We are not trying to get the highest score or to be the fastest – we love to study and evaluate the room. The only thing is, that deep inside our hearts we would like to sort great rooms from the cheap rooms, made on a fast hand for sake to get the easy money. Today, we have been in many rooms (all in Latvia+other) in the several cities of Europe and will constatly increase this number of quest-rooms. We don’t really know if it’s a big number or not, but we always can compare, evaluate and understand if the room if worth a cent or not. Some of room administrators are takinf into the account our opinion and advices how to improve the room and make it more interesting, some fundamentally disagrees. This is our objective assessment, that is based on many factors, including that we all are diffrent and we all think different. Here you will find reviews of all quest rooms we have visited. We won’t disclose the secrets and the answers. We will describe what we saw and what we felt. Quest room critics with objective assessment based on four parameters.


We will try to provide an intrinsic evaluation of every quest, relying on our own experience and comparing rooms. A lot of features get repeated, so, in time, this does not prove complicated any more, as we have already been dealing with that and know how it works. While visiting certain rooms, one can see something new, having no idea how to open it or how does it work at all; this boosts the room's rating and make the game more exciting and complicated. Low technical rating does not have to mean that the room is not interesting; it may have lots of complicated locks, but no sophisticated engineering solutions. In the meantime, however, it may boast lovely decorations or brilliant task assignment. Alternatively, it can be of low visual appeal, but offer dynamics and lots of riddles. We will try to evaluate each room and provide an extensive description thereof, so that you would have the idea of the complexity while still retaining the intrigue.

Decorations: Design, furniture, interior features, the extent to which everything is circumspect and whether it fits the plot.

Technical solutions: Various locks, magnets, doors, codes, safes, magnetic locks, sensors, lasers, logical chains involving technology, whatever makes the tasks more complicated and exciting. For example, a safe located not just near the wall, but behind a painting, which can be moved through an uncommon combination of actions or with a secret button.

Originality of the task: The plot; for instance, if it's not just about opening a heap of locks and finding a key, but also involves a hostage (a dummy) that has to be rescued and evacuated from the room as well. Find and snatch a million dollars from the casino aside from opening the exit door itself.

Task complexity: The presence of sophisticated riddles, less obvious things, more analysis and technical solutions, everything that makes the quest harder and requires more thinking.


All questions and offers you can write us to email: questrevisor@gmail.com