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Breakroom “Vėjopatis”

Адрес:Vilniaus Taksi Parkas, Pelesos str 1, Vilnius. (Ex Taxi park), entrance via parking-lot (second floor).
Телефон:+370 684 49944


You are trapped on board the pirate ship “Vėjopatis”, which is soon going to run ashore to hide its treasure. You have 45 minutes to get out through a secret door, but first you have to find it.

We were taken into a small room, which felt rather uncomfortable for four people at first, yet we did not stay there for long. A large locked chest was standing near the wall in the middle, walls draped with dark canvas and various decorations. It was clear that there should be a passage somewhere, and we did find it indeed. This was our first escape room with such an original way of passage into the next room, followed by two another passages. In just 45 minutes, you will see four different rooms, styled after a pirate ship. On your way to the exit, you will encounter a talking parrot that will tell you the way, mystical portraits of pirates on the wall and a riddle closet. Then, you are going to visit a dark derelict bar, with real spider web being the only thing lacking to make the entourage complete. There was even a rope wrapped around a decorative table; for some reason, we decided to unwrap it, to see what's inside. Found nothing... but at least we got warm. Probing every centimetre with a flashlight in our hands, we proceeded through the tasks and got into yet another room. All rooms are small, yet there is enough work to do within a short period, so there's no time to feel crowded, actually. One cannot say that the decorations are expensive, it's rather an old derelict ship, yet it is surely original and enigmatic. On one hand, it would need some good repairs; on the other hand, it may lose its original character in this case. Still, there is a number of technologies nowadays that allow performing quality repairs whilst retaining the worn-out look of a object.

Riddles are different here; you will have to read and solve notes that will lead you to new actions. You will also look for codes and keys for locks, yet the room does offer various engineering solutions as well. An inexpensive, yet diverse escape room, with no excessive, inadequate tasks. No task causes players to wonder why is it here at all, and, most of all, everything is in tune with the theme. A parrot, a globe, a chest, torches, treasure - as it should be. Developers sued themed decorations for different engineering doors and locks - we love such solutions. Though the room may seem poorly equipped and somewhat unattractive at first, then it becomes clear that this is actually a step towards new modern approach to technological quests. This means our friends and neighbours are developing; all it takes is a little bit more effort as pertains to repairs.

We would recommend this room to any team visiting the city of Vilnius; it is usual and unusual at the same time, contains secrets and pleasant surprises, which is always lovely. Children will also love this room, with lots of places to search in the dark. So, if you are going to Lithuania, you have a chance to get some new experience and see how our neighbours work.


Our rating:
Atmosphere/Room decorations 7/10
Technology 7/10
Originality of the tasks 7/10
Task complexity 6/10
Mean score: 6.75